EDI Presentation White Paper

This white paper documents a process of using the World Wide Web (Web) for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), outlines the framework of Web EDI, presents the business case, and highlights methods of using Web EDI.

Table of Contents

  • AIAG Publications
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Software And Hardware Requirements
  • Communication Services
  • Using Web Services
  • Data Structures
  • Future Requirements
  • Closing Summary
  • Appendix A - Definitions
  • The AIAG
  • Maintenance Request Form
The Electronic Commerce (EC) Presentation Work Group has specified in this document the use of Web services to enable the business process of using the Internet or ANX® for document transfer. Documents can be transferred over the supply chain and then displayed at Web browsers. The use of Internet technologies extends the reach of EDI beyond the Value Added Network (VAN).

This document describes the methods used to produce low-cost, extensible systems for EDI/EC transactions to be interchanged among trading partners. Web forms, applets, and newer protocols such as XML can be used to send these transactions over the Internet or ANX®. If this business process is implemented, trading partners in the lower tiers of the automotive industry can be tied to upper-layer tiers by electronic means. Today the lower tiers of the industry receive documents by fax, phone, or printed mail.

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