The Power of Working Collaboratively

Our mission is to enable collaboration within the automotive and related industries and to provide access to information, education and the tools needed so our stakeholders can continually improve the environment in which they operate. 

AIAG projects, activities and toolkits are focused on workgroup developed initiatives, including:


The automotive industry and its supply chain partners face heightened expectations from a range of stakeholders on complex corporate responsibility issues. 

At AIAG, we bring our members together and work collaboratively to develop solutions to these challenges, from improving global working conditions and environmental sustainability, to increasing transparency and respect for human rights in the supply chain. 

It's the way we started working 30 years ago, when key players in the industry recognized that taking unified action would reduce complexity and costs, and increase efficiency and impact. Today, we use our unique position at the nexus of multiple industries and companies to develop the insights, trainings, conferences and tools our members need to operate responsibly--and profitably. 

Improving our corporate responsibility practices is not only the right thing to do, it's good business--and an investment in the future of our industry.

Within corporate responsibility, we have numerous initiatives in three core areas: 
Environmental Sustainability

To learn more about our approach to corporate responsibility, download: 

Corporate Responsibility Overview 
Corporate Responsibility Guidance Statements 
An Ecomodernist Manifesto


Continuous Improvement with Broad-Based Engagement 
AIAG's Quality initiatives span the wide array of product development, manufacturing, service, and customer experience improvement activities challenging our members companies in today's ever changing automotive industry. 

While grounded in the quality standards and core tools that are the foundation of automotive quality excellence, the current AIAG quality initiatives are exploring new issues, providing insights, and the latest tools and methodologies to support the manufacturing technology and product innovation advancements that are required from successful and growing suppliers and OEM's. Download Flyer


Achieving Peak Efficiency
Recent events have clearly demonstrated the challenges in managing the scope, scale and complexity of today's automotive supply chain 

AIAGs materials management, ecommerce and logistics initiatives are far-reaching and can have a significant impact on supply chain efficiency - whether the goal is to improve the flow of information, reduce in-transit damage, speed up the flow of parts through international borders, or provide greater visibility anywhere in the system. 

AIAG Supply Chain Management initiatives provide guidelines, training and educational opportunities to understand and manage the complexity and scope of supply chain issues.Download Flyer.