Road Map to Supply Chain Success

Supply Chain Roadmap

Supply Chain tools, training, and publications

AIAG offers a variety of tools that make a positive impact on your supply chain, including products and training in materials management, logistics, and e-commerce. The supply chain products featured on the Road Map appear in the logical order for suppliers seeking to develop a dependable and efficient supply chain on the road to automotive supplier excellence.

EDI - Evolve from paper-based transactions

EDI Project Planner (E-2) • Implementation Guideline (EG-8)
UN/EDIFACT Guidelines

AUTO ID/ LABELING - Eliminate human error from data

Global Radio Frequency ID Item Level Standard (B-21)
Gas Cylinder ID Label Standard (B-9)
Automotive History of Data Identifiers (B-20)
Parts Identification and Tracking (B-4)
Standard Carrier Alpha Code Trailer ID Label (B-15)
Trading Partners Implementation Guideline (B-10)
Global Transport Label (B-16)
Quality Assurance Guidelines for Shipping Labels (B-8)
VIN Label Application Standard (B-2)
Infrastructure for P2B (E-20)
JAIF China B2B (E-17)
E-19 P2B Common Data Format (E-19)

CUSTOMS AND SECURITY - Import/Export goods effectively

Supply Chain Security Toolkit for the Automotive Industry (TC-6)
Information Kit for Importing into the US (TC-1)
Information Kit for Importing to Canada (TC-2)
Information Kit for Importing to Mexico (TC-3)
Export Compliance (TC-7)
Cross Border Customs Compliance (CTPAT)
NAFTA Content Reporting Training
Harmonized Tariff Schedules Training
• International Customs and Trade Training

PACKAGING / CONTAINER MANAGEMENT - Reduce part damage/contamination

Pallet and Carton Standard (RC-12)
Returnable Containers Management Guideline (RC-5)
Returnable Containers Performance Test Guideline (RC-9)
Returnable Transport Items Visibility Best Practices (RC-17)
Returnable Wheel Packs Transported by Truck (RC-3)
• Single and Multi-use container systems (RC-8)
• Standard Returnable Fastener Container System (RC-11)
• Users Guide for Corrugated Plastic (RC-4)

FINISHED VEHICLE LOGISTICS - Deliver to dealers more efficiently

Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) (E-21)
Visibility Definitions (M-21)
Damage Claims (M-22)
Quality Handling Manual (M-23)
Global Vehicle Damage Codes (DMG-1)

MATERIALS MANAGEMENT - Organize the supply chain productively

Global Materials Management Logistics Agreement (GMMLA) (M-17)
Global Materials Management (MMOG/LE (M7-4)
KPIs for Global Materials Management (M-8)
M-16 Global Carriers & LSP’s
Global Receiving Advice (M-13)
MOSS Project (M-19)
Optimum Shipping and Receiving Systems (M-6)
Recommended Business Practices for Long Distance (M-20)
Business Continuity Planning for the Automotive Supply Chain (M-12)
MMOG/LE Implementation Training
• Auto Industry Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (Executive Seminar)
• Vehicle Industry Certificate in Supply Chain Management