Environmental Sustainability

Companies are expected to pursue environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain in order to reduce the life-cycle environmental footprint of our products. All products manufactured within the supply chain, and the applied materials and substances used in the process, are expected to meet environmental standards for design, development, distribution, use, disposal or recycling.

AIAG is driving a common process among member companies to prepare the automotive industry to incorporate environmental sustainability throughout the supply chain-- whether through the development of common tools for reporting and data collection, or taking a more comprehensive approach to addressing sustainability at an organizational level.

Learn more about our Environmental Sustainability initiatives (listed to the right) in three core areas:

Program Manager: Tanya Bolden - AIAG (248) 213-4646

Program Manager: Lecedra Welch - AIAG (248) 784-1856

Co-Chair: Susan Rokosz - Ford Motor Company

The following communities are available for this initiative:


American Mitsuba Corporation
CSRware, Inc.
Delphi Corporation
Eaton Corporation
Faurecia Interior Systems
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.
Ford Motor Company
General Motors Company
Honda North America, Inc.
Magna International Inc.
Nissan North America
Robert Bosch LLC
RSJ Technical Consulting
Volvo Car Corporation VAT No: SE556074308901


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