Greenhouse Gas Reporting

The automotive industry's manufacturing and logistics operations produce large quantities of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Although the majority of OEMs and suppliers voluntarily report emissions, these emissions are being regulated by a growing number of regions and countries, and are being asked for and reviewed by many non-governmental organizations and financial firms. These assessments are being done to determine the impact that GHG emissions may have on a company's operations and its public perception.

Estimating GHG emissions is an important first step in environmental sustainability. To help the industry and its supply chain work collaboratively to meet voluntary reporting expectations for (GHG) emissions, AIAG is working with its member companies to develop a common GHG emissions calculating and reporting process. This system will allow OEMs and suppliers to calculate and report emissions from the supply base in a consistent and accurate manner, eliminating duplicative reporting requirements, and creating cost savings for member companies. The lessons learned and processes implemented for GHGs will set a foundation for other elements of environmental sustainability, including emissions reduction strategies for air, GHG, energy, water and waste.

Program Manager: Tanya Bolden - AIAG (248) 213-4646

Program Manager: Lecedra Welch - AIAG (248) 784-1856

Co-Chair: Mr. Alfred Hildreth - General Motors Company

The following communities are available for this initiative:


American Mitsuba Corporation
Ford Motor Company
General Motors Company
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Henkel Corporation/ Adhesive Technologies
Honda North America, Inc.
Magna International Inc.
Nissan North America
RSJ Technical Consulting


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