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B-10 Trading Partners Implementation Guideline eLearning

The B-10 describes the template for bar code labels on shipping containers - both unit loads and transport packages - to convey data between trading partners in the automotive industry.

The B-10 is the preferred format for shipping labels. Both label- and tag- marking methods for shipping containers and pallets of parts and primary metals are covered in this guideline under the general term "label," however, the B-10 is not a label, but rather a methodology for designing trading partner shipping labels using the ANSI MH10.8.1 U.S. national, cross-industry standard, developed and maintained by the ANSI committee MH10/SBC-8.

B-10 outlines the requirements for design and for printing to ensure scan ability of Code 39 bar code symbols and provide consistency of label formats. The physical parameters of the symbols and labels are provided and a bar code quality level is specified. The orientation and placement of AIAG B-10 - Trading Partner Labels (B-10-TPL) on shipping containers are specified.


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Who Should Attend

Product Engineer, Packaging Engineer, Shipping / Receiving department, Packaging Tracking and Visibility

Course Outline

    Course Objective: The person that successfully completes this eLearning course will be able to, in conjunction with their trading partners:
    • Define the requirements for correctly printing labels for Unit Loads and Transport Packages to ensure consistency of label format and scan ability of the bar code symbols defined within the standard
    • Define and build a Quick Receive label
    • Distinguish which 2D symbology to use for Shipping and Receiving and Carrier Sortation and Tracking
    • Evaluate and apply the correct data format to be used within the bar code symbologies outlined within the standard
    • Investigate and identify if the current printing and scanning processes used amongst the trading partners meets this standards requirements, and how to correct them if they do not.