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AIAG Single User e-Document & Corporation Subscription Overview and FAQS

AIAG implemented Digital Rights Management (DRM) security feature to control the electronic delivery of single user e-Documents AIAG documents and protect intellectual property. DRM is a term used to describe technologies used for the copyright protection of digital content. Secure documents are encrypted with permissions information and controls that have minimal impact on authorized users of the documents.

I purchased an e-Document. What's next?

  1. Sign in to AIAG's site.
  2. Click "My e-Documents" on the left side menu.
  3. To open and view, the file online, click on the name of the e-Document.

  4. You can view the file as many times as you want online.

What are the restrictions on how I can use my purchased e-Document?
A single-user e-Document license allows the end user unlimited viewing of the e-Document. E-Documents are not printable files, if you require a hard copy, then you would have to purchase the hard copy of the document.

I accidentally purchased the wrong document.
Please contact AIAG Customer Service at (248) 358-3003 (8-5 EST)

I am unable to open the document, what do I do?
AIAG e-Documents can be opened by clicking on the title of the document in the my e-Documents page.
The file should open in a new browser window.
Since there could be many reasons for a file not opening, you should contact your internal IT support staff for assistance.
For additional troubleshooting on opening files, please view our troubleshooting page at troubleshooting tips.

When will access to my e-Document(s) expire?
If you purchased your single-user e-Document(s) prior to June 1, 2008, your access will expire one year from the date of purchase. Access to single-user e-Documents purchased after June 1, 2008, will not expire.


If you purchased a single-user e-Document prior to 12/31/2011, you are allowed to print two copies of the document. Individual single-user e-Documents purchased after 12/31/2011 cannot be printed. If you require a hard copy of a document, please contact AIAG's Customer Service at (248) 358-3003.

Can I print a secure PDF, and then make copies for others in my company or department?
No. That is a violation of copyright. Documents may be shared or loaned but not reproduced in any fashion. The copyright statement on AIAG Documents reads:

"The contents of all published materials are copyrighted by the Automotive Industry Action Group unless otherwise indicated. All rights are preserved by AIAG, and content may not be altered or disseminated, published, or transferred in part of such content. The information is not to be sold in part or whole to anyone within your organization or to another company. Copyright infringement is a violation of federal law subject to criminal and civil penalties."

Why has AIAG opted to create secure PDFs with Digital Rights Management technology?
Managing access to documents based on copyright ownership and protecting content rights is imperative to the continued development and distribution of technical documents and standards. Many users simply don't know when they are in violation of copyright laws and this technology protects both the user and the publisher of technical information.

I purchased a document prior to 2/12/2014, downloaded the file and I am still able to view it. Will that change?
If you are able to view your file and are not having any issues you will be allowed to continue viewing your downloaded file. 
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