Problem Solving Work Group

AIAG’s 2015 Quality 2020 survey found that OEMs and suppliers rank problem solving as the most critical issue impacting quality. The study stated that over one-third of respondents felt there was significant potential for improvement in problem solving. In November 2015 AIAG convened a group of industry problem solving professionals to study the survey results with the goal of identifying what improvements could be made to make problem solving more effective.

One of the team’s first steps was to survey the industry and further investigate why almost two-thirds of respondents in the Quality 2020 study felt  their organizations are, at best, only moderately capable at problem solving. The purpose of the survey was to gather more precise information about the characteristics of ineffective problem solving. Overall, the committee’s industry survey pointed to the need for a well-defined problem statement, more guidance on how to enhance the "up-front" steps of the problem solving process, and how to close, verify and measure the effectiveness to ensure the problem is not repeated.

The AIAG Problem Solving work group has determined there is an opportunity to improve the existing CQI-20 and CQI- 21 Effective Problem Solving documents by adding guidance for the items that were identified as problematic in the industry survey.

Program Manager: Karen Krutsch - AIAG - (248) 358-3570

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