Risk Based Audit Project

It is critical for the industry that there is alignment between achievement/maintenance of ISO/TS16949 certification and the actual quality performance of the site. One of the current issues is that in the audit scheme for TS, the length of the audits (days) is only based on the number of employees at the site.

With the revision of ISO/TS underway by the IATF, there is an opportunity to propose a modification to the Rules, so that risk, performance, and maturity factors are considered in the audit day’s determination.

The focus of this work group is to define a “Risk Based” model where complexity factors such as type of product, (brakes, steering, etc.), site QMS “maturity” factors such as stability of leadership, stability of business, number of new product launches, quality culture, etc., and demonstrated quality performance are the basis for the calculation of audit days for the site.

The intent of this project is to provide a model that will drive focus to poor performance/higher risk sites which would be a more appropriate allocation of resources.

Program Director: Scott A. Gray - AIAG - (248) 358-3570

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