COHV CSR Posting

CSR documents allow a supplier to complete their QMS by identifying a customer’s QMS requirements.  COHV OEMs CSR documents are available to their suppliers, but the documents are located in supplier portals and may require a login and password for access.  Additionally, each customer has a unique storage location and method for their CSR documents, as one organization may password protect the document and another customer may freely post their CSR information on their website. 

AIAG’s COHV CSR Posting Work Group intends to replicate the IATF’s success with the COHV market sector by developing a website where each COHV OEM may post their CSR document.  As an additional feature, the website will list the AIAG publications that are identified in the OEM’s CSR document.  Finally, the work group will develop the process to ensure CSR documents and supporting information are maintained and current.

The work group currently consists of several Tier 1 suppliers that supply IATF and COHV OEMs.  Members of the work group will develop a presentation for gaining an OEM’s support and commitment to utilize AIAG’s offer to consolidate this information in one location. 

The COHV CSR Posting Work Group is open to AIAG members that are suppliers to COHV OEMs and willing to encourage their customer to participate in this initiative.

These companies are participating in this work group:


Current Participants

  • Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC
  • CK Techonologies
  • Dana Incorporated
  • Inteva Products LLC
  • Meritor, Inc.
  • Stoneridge
Program Manager: Brian Martensen - AIAG (248) 358-3570