AIAG Communities offer members an easy way to post questions and get feedback from other members on a variety of topics.

All AIAG members have access to the AIAG Initiatives Community.
Public Communities are available to anyone anonymously accessing the AIAG website. However, participation in a public community requires a login.
Participation in a public community allows you to use the Discussion Forums(if available), and the Document Archive(if available).

Communities consist of three main sections:

  • News - News items and information updates
  • Discussion Forums - Threaded discussions on multiple topics
  • Document Archive - Reference items

To edit your subscription preferences in an AIAG Community - for example, to receive email notifications - click on Global Preferences to change your settings. Global Preferences are used to set email notification for all subscribed communities. You can also set local email preferences for a specific community by click on preferences for that community.

E-mail notification schedules are as follows:

  • Immediately send email messages for each post:
    Email is processed every half hour(30 minutes), 24 hours a day.
  • Send a digest of a days post(s):
    Email is processed daily at 3AM
  • Send a digest of a weeks post(s):
    Email is processed on Sunday

User Tips

  • Clicking on 'set as my start page' in the upper right hand corner makes this community appear the next time you login to the Members Only Website.
  • Materials that can be found in the 'Document Archive' section of a community may include Acrobat PDF files, video files (.avi and .rm) as well as other formats.
  • Document Archive files are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Video files require either RealPlayer Media Player or Windows Media Player.