Course Outline

By attending this seminar you will be able to:

  • List the benefits, requirements, and objectives of DRBFM

  • Demonstrate the steps used to complete a DRBFM project

  • Demonstrate the proper usage of the DRBFM preparation documents

  • Describe the interfacing tools used to maximize the benefit of the DRBFM analysis

  • Follow the DRBFM methodology to efficiently create a DRBFM worksheet

  • Describe the linkage of DRBFM, DFMEA and PFMEA

  • Describe the linkage of DRBFM and DRBTR

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of management and engineers within DRBFM

  • Describe the output of each step of the DRBFM Methodology

    • Planning

    • Preparation

    • Change Point FMEA (Forum One)

    • Design Review (Forum Two)

    • Actions Results

  • Summarize the lean practices of the DRBFM process and how they support the engineer