The Future of Quality: Innovation - How To Create and Manage

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The Future of Quality: Innovation - How To Create and Manage

AIAG has identified innovation as a key process in our Future of Quality Series. "Innovation" is now being seen as an integral part of everyone's task. Consider these findings:

  • "Innovation and creativity are the engines of economic growth... innovation from every worker must become a priority...if America is to retain (regain) its superior international standing" New York Times
  • "84 percent of executives say innovation is extremely or very important to their companies' growth strategy" 2010 McKinsey Global Survey
  • "Change and innovation are as much attributes of quality and how we manage quality as they are of the products, processes and services that are produced and delivered" A. V. Feigenbaum
Dan Reid contrasts the terms "innovation" with "invention" and "continuous improvement" and describes how quality professionals can and should broaden their scope to include systematic innovation as a process that can be learned and managed.

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