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► Special Process: Plating System Assessment (CQI-11)

Learn the process requirements your organization needs to follow to develop a plating management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of vari more

► Specification for Security Management Systems (XO-I28000-07)

Specification for Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain

ISO 28000:2007 specifies the requirements for a security management system, including those aspects critical to security as more

► Statistical Process Control (SPC-3)

Continuous improvement is vital to prospering in today's economy. This guide provides several basic and advanced statistical methods that can be used to make your manufacturing improvements more effe more

► Supplier Electronic Network Connectivity (D-33)

To be competitive in a global economy, the market demands fast, accurate, secure, and efficient global connectivity. Meeting those needs requires various telecommunication and network solutions rangi more

► Supply Chain Security Toolkit for the Automotive Industry (TC-6)

This toolkit clarifies and harmonizes supply chain security practices among OEMS, Suppliers, Carriers and others in the supply chain. This document includes many tools to help supply chain parties ad more

► Syntax for High Capacity ADC Media (XO-I15434-06)

Information Technology - Automatic Identification and Data Capture Techniques - Syntax for High Capacity ADC Media

ISO/IEC 15434:2006 defines the manner in which data is transferred to high- more

► T.120 Automotive Data Conferencing Architecture (E-11)

This document describes the industry-standard International Telecommunications Union T.120 Data Conferencing specification, and discusses how it operates over the Internet and ANX. more

► Trading Partner Labels Implementation Guideline (B-10)

This guideline has been published to combine the B-10, Trading Partner Labels Implementation Guideline, the B-12 Quick Receive Guideline, and the B-14, Guideline for Use of Two Dimensional Symbols wit more

► Transaction Set 824 (XO-EG-824 TRANS)

This Transaction Set is included with the EG-8PUSH and the EG-8PULL. more

► TREAD Act VMRS System & Assembly Code MAP (THE-8)

This document can help to significantly reduce the complexity, increase the accuracy, and speed the process for fulfilling NHTSA's Early Warning Reporting requirements of the TREAD Act. more

► User's Guide for Corrugated Plastic (RC-4)

This document was prepared for use as a general guideline on the characteristics and uses of corrugated plastic packaging. This guideline will clarify the complexity and define the usage of corrugated more

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