Electronic Proof of Delivery Standard

Version 2 of the Electronic Proof of Delivery Business Process Standard (EPOD, E-21) is a jointly developed standard providing manufacturers, carriers, and dealers with a common structure and protocol that can be adapted and enhanced to fit all processes.

The final delivery of vehicles to the dealer is the culmination of the supply chain for manufacturers and carriers, and the transmittal of delivery information must be accurate and timely. AIAG's Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) working group has developed a common electronic delivery receipt to reduce reporting time, eliminate errors, cut back on the retention of paper, and minimize redundancy. EPOD E-21 Version 2 is the result of these efforts to standardize the formatting of this electronic process.

EPOD is a standardized electronic proof of delivery system that provides an electronic time and date stamp as well as condition of the vehicle as delivered to the destination dealer. The report is verified by signature; delivery information is communicated on the same real-time basis to all of the parties involved.

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