Bar Code and Two-Dimensional Symbols for Shipping

Packaging - Bar Code and Two-Dimensional Symbols for Shipping, Transport and Receiving Labels

ISO 15394:2009 specifies the minimum requirements for the design of labels containing linear bar code and two‑dimensional symbols on transport units to convey data between trading partners; provides for traceability of transported units via a unique transport unit identifier (license plate); provides guidance on the formatting on the label of data presented in linear bar code, two-dimensional symbol or human readable form; provides specific recommendations regarding the choice of bar code symbologies, and specifies quality requirements and classes of bar code density; makes recommendations as to label placement, size and the inclusion of free text and any appropriate graphics; provides guidance on the selection of label material.

ISO 15394:2009 is not applicable to the direct printing on to kraft coloured corrugated surfaces. Those wishing to find more information on the direct printing of bar code symbols on to kraft coloured corrugated surfaces may find suitable guidance from texts specific to this subject.

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