Standardized Bill of Lading

The objective of standardizing the Bill of Lading is to ensure that the shipper, the carrier, and the customer (the consignee) are all getting the information they need for the processing of the goods through the supply chain. The standard AIAG BOL is intended for U.S. Less Than Truck Load (LTL) and Truck Load (TL) ground transport. Included with the standard Bill of Lading form is a standard Bill of Lading number. The Bill of Lading number has become a critical data element with the advent of the EDI 856 Ship Notice Manifest. The standard Bill of Lading form and number will ensure that all key data elements are present and documented in a uniform manner. This will support the needs of all parties in the supply chain as well as support accurate EDI 210 Carrier Electronic Invoice, EDI 214 Carrier Shipment Status, EDI 212 LTL Delivery Trailer Manifest and the EDI 223 Consolidation Freight Bill transmissions.

Use of this standard Bill of Lading will result in:

  • Ease of tracking shipment information with the use of the standard Bill of Lading number.
  • Reduction of potential duplicate invoices and resulting rework throughout the entire system.
  • Reduced driver and office administrator time used to process the information from the Bill of Lading.
  • Improved electronic receipt of supplier material.
  • Improved internal controls for all companies involved.

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