Special Process Heat Treat Assessment

The goal of this assessment is to develop a common process approach to control casting special processes, a methodology to evaluate and remediate issues and a self-assessment tool. The management system will emphasize continual improvement, defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

Work group is reconvening to being development on the 4th edition of the Heat Treat Assessment. The 4th edition will include the numerous errata changes to the 3rd edition will be incorporated, and the change from a Excel format to a Word format assessment (this allows for greater flexibility in writing observations or notes, and hyperlinks to the Process Tables will also be included).

Program Manager: Karen Whitmore - AIAG (248) 358-3570

Chair: Mr. Dean Higdon - Acument Global Technologies

The following communities are available for this initiative:


Akebono Brake Corporation
Peterson American Corporation
Robert Bosch GmbH Germany
TRW, Inc.