Health Care Value

Composed of OEMs, major suppliers, and leading professionals

  • Leverage our economy of scale as purchasers of health care to influence the market place.
  • Identify opportunities to address poor quality and inefficiencies in health care delivery and payment.
  • Improve the value of health care delivered to their respective employees, family members and retirees with a focus on the implementation of best practices.
  • Address ways to help improve delivery of health care services while assuring health care dollars are focused on achieving the best results.
  • Drive transparency and improvements in cost, quality and safety to maximize the value of health care investments.

Program Manager: Nancy R. Malo - AIAG (248) 358-3570

Chair: Ms. Jessica Kochin - Ford Motor Company

The following communities are available for this initiative:


Detroit Regional Chamber
Ford Motor Company
General Motors Company
Kelly Services, Inc
Michigan Purchasers Health Alliance
The Greater Detroit Area Health Council
UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust