Supply Chain Management

Achieving Peak Efficiency
Recent events have clearly demonstrated the challenges in managing the scope, scale and complexity of today's automotive supply chain

AIAGs materials management, ecommerce and logistics initiatives are far-reaching and can have a significant impact on supply chain efficiency - whether the goal is to improve the flow of information, reduce in-transit damage, speed up the flow of parts through international borders, or provide greater visibility anywhere in the system.

AIAG Supply Chain Management initiatives provide guidelines, training and educational opportunities to understand and manage the complexity and scope of supply chain issues. Download Flyer.

Resources/Other Information

To assist AIAG in accomplishing its objectives, the Supply Chain Community will:

  • Proactively identify AIAG member industry issues, needs, and trends.
  • Actively represent AIAG member industry needs, nationally and internationally including participation in standard setting organizations and partnerships with other industry groups.
  • Provide timely development, delivery, and promotion of valued direction and innovative solutions for a seamless, efficient, and responsible supply chain with
    • Cost and complexity reduced
    • Supply Chain management improved for materials and logistics
    • Speed to market optimized
  • Provide/approve information technology recommendations to other AIAG business units and oversight committees, e.g.:
    • select and recommend process and data modeling tools, techniques, and methods.
    • review and approve technology solutions from AIAG work groups during the development process
    • recommend electronic technology solutions to business problems
  • Encourage participation from our organizations, AIAG members and subject matter experts to participate in Supply Chain Management work groups


Check back soon for future Events, Training, e-Learning, or Webcasts.


_Global MMOG/LE - Version 4

2D Direct Parts Marking Guideline

2D Symbology White Paper

7-Step Problem Solving Process for TH&E Suppliers

A Snapshot of Product Development Practices

Act Reporting Information Kit for TREAD Act Reporting

Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan

AIAG Design Review Based on Failure Modes & SAE J2886

AIAG Pallet and Lid Whitepaper 2010

AIAG Supplier Guidance for Estimating GHG emissions for OEMs

Automotive History of EDI

Automotive Project Management Guide

Automotive Warranty Management

Basics of Export Compliance

Best Practice Unified Procedure for Approval of Rubber

Best Practices for Mist Control in Machine Tool Enclosures

Best Practices in Supply Chain Product Development

Business Continuity Planning for the Automotive Supply Chain

Business Operating Systems

Business Operating Systems for Health Care Organizations

Business Process Narrative for TH&E Industry

Collaborative Computing White Paper

Common Visibility Event Definitions of the Finished Vehicle

Core Tools 5-Pack

Core Tools Forms

Defining Product Data Quality

Design Review Based on Failure Modes (DRBFM Reference Guide)

Dimensional Mark Up Language (DML)

ECM Recommendation - Engineering Change Request (ECR)

EDI Presentation White Paper

EDI/XML Project Planner

Effective Error- Proofing

Effective Problem Solving Leader Guide

Effective Problem Solving Practitioners Guide

Electronic Proof of Delivery Standard

Engineering Change Management (ECM) Recommendation

Engineering Change Management (ECM) Reference Process

Ergonomic Guidelines for Small Lot Delivery Systems

Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS) Process

Feature-Based Processing Recommended Business Process

Financial Managers' Guide to EDI

Finished Vehicle Logistics Quality Handling Manual

Finished Vehicle Logistics Transport Damage Reporting

FMEA for Tooling & Equipment (Machinery FMEA)

Gas Cylinder Identification Label Standard

General Guidelines for Increasing the Value of CAD Data

Global Carriers & Logistics Service Providers Evaluation

Global DELFOR Message (Delivery Forecast)

Global Despatch Advice Message (DESADV)

Global INVOIC Message (Invoice)

Global Materials Management Logistics Agreement (GMMLA)

Global REMADV Message (Remittance Advice)

Global Transport Label Standard for the Automotive Industry

Global Vehicle Damage Codes Laminated Cards

Glossary of Common Reliability Terms

Guide for Responding to the CM Reporting Templates

Guideline for Hazardous Material Storage

Guideline for Manually Handled Containers

Implementation Guidelines for UN/EDIFACT DELJIT

Implementation Guidelines Version 004010AIAG

Industrial Truck Pedestrian Sensing Systems White Paper

Info Kit for Importing into the United States

Information Kit for Importing into Canada

Information Kit for Importing into Mexico

Infrastructure for Plant-to-Business (P2B) Interoperability

Intercontinental Pallet and Carton Standard

ISO/TS 16949 7 Pack

ISO/TS 16949:2009 Guidance Manual

ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management Systems

ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management Systems - Notebook Size

IV&I Min/Max Replenishment

JAIF Global Guideline for Returnable Transport Items

JAIF Global Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Joint Automotive Industry Forum (JAIF) China B2B

Key Performance Indicators for Global Material Management

Layered Process Audit Guideline

Layered Process Audit-in-a-Box

Leadership Excellence in Health Safety and the Environment

Lift Truck Rotated Operator Compartments:An Ergonomic Review

Lift Truck Visibility with Load

Long Term Archiving & Retrieval of Digital Product

Manufacturing Assembly Pilot (MAP) Project Final Report

Materials Off-Shore Sourcing (MOSS) Project

Measurement Systems Analysis

Optimum Shipping & Receiving Systems Handbook

Packaging Data Form

Pandemic Preparedness & Response Plan

Parts Identification & Tracking Application Standard

Pedestrian & Vehicle Safety Guidelines

Plant-to-Business (P2B) Common Data Format for Communicating

Potential Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

Product Data Exchange - AutoSTEP at the Midpoint

Product Development Metrics

Production Part Approval Process

Quality Assurance Guideline for Shipping Labels

Quality Measurement Data Specification

Rail Safety Guideline

Readiness Checklist for Subtier Supplier Management Process

RECADV Global Receiving Advice

Recommended Business Practice for Long Distance Supply Chain

Reliability Methods for Improved Product Dependability

Returnable Containers Management Guideline

Returnable Containers Performance Test Guidelines

Returnable Transport Item Tracking (RFID Pilot) White Paper

Returnable Transport Items Visibility Best Practices

Returnable Wheel Packs Transported by Truck

Rules for ISO/TS 16949 Certification Scheme

Safety Inspection 2-Pack

SASIG Digital Engineering Visualization

SASIG Long Term Archiving and Retrieval (LTAR)

SCACTIL - Standard Carrier Alpha Code Trailer ID Label

Service Production Part Approval Process (Service PPAP)

Single-and Multi-Use Container Systems Guideline

SPC QuickStart Guide

Special Process: Coating System Assessment

Special Process: Heat Treat System Assessment

Special Process: Molding System Assessment

Special Process: Plating System Assessment

Special Process: Soldering System Assessment

Special Process: Welding System Assessment

Standard Practice for Industry Use of Cumulative Records

Standardized Bill of Lading

Statistical Process Control

STEP Configuration Management Implementation Guideline

Subtier Supplier Management Process Guideline

Supplier & Product Reliability Assurance

Supplier Content Reporting Requirements Workbook

Supplier Electronic Network Connectivity

Supply Chain Security Toolkit for the Automotive Industry

T.120 Automotive Data Conferencing Architecture

The Cost of Poor Quality Guide

Trading Partner Labels Implementation Guideline

TREAD Act VMRS System & Assembly Code MAP

User's Guide for Corrugated Plastic

Vehicle ID Number (VIN) Label Application Standard

Voice of the Lower Tiers (VOLT) Report

Warranty Claims Data Exchange