Global Working Conditions

Understanding and managing the impact of working conditions on business has become a greater challenge with the increased globalization of automotive production. Developing responsible working conditions begins with having a shared understanding of the key issues up and down the supply chain: child labor, forced labor, freedom of association, harassment and discrimination, health and safety, wages and benefits, and working hours.

AIAG's Global Working Conditions Initiative brings together companies throughout the automotive industry to identify existing issues, explore root causes and create shared solutions, as well as deliver trainings for suppliers and OEMs at both the corporate and operations levels.

Corporate Engagement eLearning
Download Flyer helps participants learn the business issues and impacts associated with global supply chain working conditions, share expectations and common industry guidance on working conditions elements, and promote responsible working conditions throughout the entire automotive supply chain.

Program Manager: Tanya Bolden - AIAG (248) 213-4646

Co-Chair: Ms. Mary Ellen Bridges - Ford Motor Company

Co-Chair: Ms. Elly Bradford - Honda North America, Inc.

The following communities are available for this initiative: