AIM Receives Second Multiyear Award from Global Automotive Supplier

Monday, January 14, 2013

[January 14, 2013- Fraser, Michigan] AIM Computer Solutions, a recognized leader in automotive ERP software for part suppliers has received its second multiyear award from a large, Fortune 100 company. The supplier will be using AIM's Supply Chain Management Software, AutoSys, to manage imports and their distribution to various plants in the states and elsewhere. "Our EDI is more than just pushing information from one source to another," says Jerry Czernel, VP Operations, "AutoSys manages all part demands for this global organization. In addition, AutoSys has an open interface which allows our customers to pass information from AutoSys to other department-specific software." "Our first award was certainly a milestone. Our second award reflects our world class support. Even though this customer has a strong MIS department, they wanted Supply Chain Management from a software company used to working with companies who had no full time, or reduced software support," continued Czernel. The company has several locations in Michigan and the southern states, and is expected to add other AIM features in the future. About AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. AIM is the industry leader for a complete ERP software solution tailored to the small to medium sized repetitive manufacturers with a focus on automotive suppliers. AIM VisionĀ® provides a single source for automotive EDI integration into production scheduling complete with demand smoothing to accommodate work schedules, and lean manufacturing and supply chain management. Other capabilities include outside processing, multiple level lot control, In Line Vehicle Sequencing, and Release Accounting, and full technical compliance to the MMOG/LE requirements.