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Not only are the world's leading OEMs and tier-one suppliers already members of AIAG, but also they strongly encourage their own suppliers to join and participate.

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3Point Machine, Inc.

3TG Consulting Inc.

A & M Label

A-Brite Plating Company

A. Berger Precision Limited

A123 Systems LLC

Aalstec Data Corporation

Abracon Corporation

ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc.

Acadian Group

Accu-Shape Die Cutting Inc.

Acoustek Nonwovens

ACP Canada Inc

Actify Inc.

Actio Corporation

Acument Global Technologies

Ada Technologies Inc

ADAC Plastics, Inc.

Advanced Composites, Inc.

Advanced Green Innovations

Advanced Heat Treating Solutions

Advanced Performance Parts

Advantage Powder Coating, Inc.

Aero & Auto Stud Specialists

AFC Stamping and Production, Inc.

Affinia Group Inc.

AIM Computer Solutions, Inc.

Air Design S.A. De C.V.

Air International, Inc.

Air Lift Company

AISIN World Corporation of America

Ajax Spring & Manufacturing Co.

Akebono Brake Corporation

Alabama Technology Network

ALD Thermal Treatment

Alex Products, Inc.

Alfa Cronos S.A. DE C.V.

Alfmeier Friedrichs & Roth LLC

All American Washer Werks

All-Rite Spring Company

Allan Tool & Machine Company, Inc.

Allanta VZW

Allegiant International LLC

Alliance Industries, LLC

Almond Products Inc

Alpha Circuit Corp.

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.


Alumalloy Metalcasting CO

Alumco Inc

Aluminum Blanking Company, Inc.

AM General LLC


Amanda Bent Bolt Company

Amber Road

American Cold Forge

American Eagle Wheel Corporation

American Metal Coatings, Inc.

American Micro Products

American Mitsuba Corporation

American Systems Registrar, LLC

AmeriPlate Inc.

AMG Engineering & Machining, Inc.

Ammex Plastics

AMN International, Inc.

AMTEC Precision Products, Inc.

Anderson Precision, Inc.

Anderton Industries

Andre Corporation

Android Industries LLC

Antal Automation S. De R.L. De C.V.

Antaya Technologies Corporation


APB & Associates, Inc.

Apriso Corporation

AQ Wiring Systems UAB

AQS Management Systems Inc.

Aras Corporation


ArcelorMittal Woodstock

Arctic Cat Inc.

Arens Controls Company, LLC

Argent International, Inc.

Arimco- Meets NV

Arnold Fastening Systems

ASI DataMyte, Inc.

ASI Technologies, Inc.

ASNUNTUCK Community College

AST (Advanced Special Tools)

ATC Truck Covers

ATF, Inc.

Atlas Pressed Metals

Auma Engineered Products, Inc., Inc

Auto Parts Alliance

Auto Temp, Inc.

Auto Warehousing Co.

Autocom Rail Services Inc

Automation Tool & Die, Inc.

Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation

Avon Protection Systems, Inc

Axalta Coating Systems

Axxor N.A.

B & W Cartage

B.S.B. Manufacturing, Ltd.

Backer Heating Technologies

BAE Industries, Inc.

Baldwin Filters, Inc.

Banks Power

Barnes Group Inc.

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.

BASF Corporation

Bathium Canada Inc.

Baumann Springs USA

Baxter Machine & Tool

Bayloff Die & Machine Co.

BBB Industries, dba LTD Parts

Beach Manufacturing Company

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

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