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3D Model Technical Data Package Guideline Call To Action

AIAG’s Quality Program Office announces its Call to Action for the 3D Model Technical Data Package Exchange Guideline project. This program will deliver a product design technical data exchange guideline for design data sharing and collaboration between suppliers and customers, allowing the accurate relay of all necessary design information and reducing the data exchange cycle time between organizations. The team will initially focus on co-designed products where the customer and supplier share the intellectual property ownership.


Currently, the automotive industry's methods of sharing product design information generates waste by requiring suppliers to adopt unique product design systems, data formats and information standards for each OEM as they require designs to be completed in their specified format.  Suppliers, especially at the tier one level, must convert information into a usable format for their internal/downstream suppliers' operations while operating multiple independent, internal design environments to accommodate each customer's specific digital requirements.  Additionally, design records and specifications that are integral components of part prints are not adequately packaged within the master math data.


This program is targeted towards product development, systems (e.g. PLM), and information specialists from OEM(s), tiered suppliers, and collaborative subject matter experts.  Attendees should have knowledge of customer and/or supplier design information exchange processes.

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Begin Date May 09, 2018
Registration Opens: 9:30 AM
Program Begins: 10:00 AM
Program Ends: 12:00 PM
26200 Lahser Rd. Suite 200
Southfield, MI 48033
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