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2022 February 22 Future Automotive Expert Webinar

Registration is open for the February 22 Future Automotive Expert Webinar, Living in a Time of Uncertainty: Current Supply Chain Dynamics and the Demand for New Vehicles with Shawn Dubravac, Chief Economist of IPC.


The pandemic left an undeniable impact on the economy and this is especially true for the auto sector. Demand for vehicles collapsed in the early months of the pandemic and production ground to a halt. But demand recovered quickly which in turn created tremendous stress on global supply chains. The year ahead remains uncertain. Demand looks strong, but supply chains and transportation networks remain strained.      


Attendees will learn:


• The current state of supply chains constraints

• The forces likely to drive auto demand over the next 24 months

• The lessons learned and implications of the pandemic-induced supply chain stresses

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Begin Date February 22, 2022
Registration Opens: 12:45 PM EST
Program Begins: 1:00 PM EST
Program Ends: 2:00 PM EST
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