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2023 Hybrid Supply Chain and Customs Summit


The companies listed below are confirmed exhibitors for 2023 Hybrid Supply Chain and Customs Summit as of 5/30/2023.
Total number of exhibitors to date is 2.

To inquire about exhibiting and/or sponsorship opportunities, please contact
Customer Service at or (248) 358-3003.

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AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. - Booth: 13

AIM Computer Solutions was founded to offer technology solutions specifically for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, decades prior to the Industry 4.0. This company has a legacy of understanding the unique business operations of each of the trading partners in the supply chain. Over thirty years later, AIM is still one of the top software providers designed to help manage the operations of the complex automotive supply chain through business software technology. With a strong heritage in understanding EDI requirements in particular, AIM is the leader in tools to manage automotive order management, release accounting, and shipping control systems.

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QAD - Booth: 20, 2

QAD Adaptive ERP combines deep manufacturing ERP and supply chain capabilities in a modern, user experience-based platform which helps manufacturers to react effectively to changes in their industry and simplifies the operating processes.