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Getting Started

Taking advantage of the industry developed standards, best practices, and tools that AIAG offers is easy. Since many of them are free to members and non-members alike and only require an AIAG login, check out the resources on this page for the area you are interested in learning more about.

Of course, with an AIAG membership, you can access many more resources free or at a substantial discount over non-member prices. And your membership can even be free if you qualify for our industry sponsored membership program.

To learn how to start your journey to becoming the best supplier and business partner you can be, select one of the links below.

Benchmark Your Organization & Staff

Working with the industry, AIAG has developed several practitioner and enterprise assessments to see how you, your employees, and your company compare to your peers in the areas of quality, supply chain, and corporate responsibility. Most of these assessments are free to members and non-members alike and give you and your organization an idea of where your strengths are and where you may need more training to get up to the industry benchmarks.

Select an assessment below to create an account or log in and get started.

Find your Next Customer or Supplier

These amazing member benefits help you find your next customer or manage risk in your supply chain by letting you easily search the name and location of suppliers around the globe. Find information on suppliers including distance from search point, AIAG member status, IATF certification status (if available) and more.

Learn more with the links below.


Cybersecurity Tools

In partnership with NQC, a global leader in cyberthreat detection, AIAG has launched a new Supply Safe™: Cyber Safe Check in support of industry efforts to protect shared data throughout the supply chain.

Free for everyone, AIAG’s Cyber Safe check includes a quick scan of one IP address, cyber risk assessment, and corrective action plan.



AIAG’s new Core Tools Support™ (CTS) software – a cloud-based solution for authoring and managing FMEA, Control Plan and PPAP documents – takes the best of the old Core Tools forms disk and improves it in every way. For a closer look at the features and benefits this software offers, follow the link below.

Best Practices

Since 1982, AIAG has worked with OEMs and their Suppliers to develop best practices to ensure that everyone is working towards the quality, reliability, supply chain, and corporate responsibility goals of the industry. Select one of the best practices below to learn more about improving your processes and take advantage of the knowledge of the entire industry.

Live Virtual Training, Classroom Training, and eLearning

Can’t get away to attend training? AIAG offers a couple of different options to help you keep your knowledge up on the latest industry standards.

  • NEW! Live Virtual Training: Combining the best of online and traditional face-to-face learning, AIAG Live Virtual Workshops use web-based technologies to bring you together with your industry peers and our experienced instructors in an interactive learning environment.
  • Classroom Training: Attend training on virtually all our products at our new, state of the art training facility in Southfield, Michigan.
  • Onsite Training: Can’t get away for training? No problem, we can bring the training to you. Offered for some of our most popular course, follow the link to learn more and to get a quote.
  • eLearning: Some of our most important products are offered as online training. Select the eLearning below to learn more about what is included.

Industry Knowledge

AIAG commissions several surveys to see where the industry is on current topics and to be a sentinel on what issues are on the horizon. We also summarize our self-assessments to show how the industry is doing compared to established benchmarks. Finally, we benchmark organizations that are using our tools to improve the performance of their entire team. Review the findings below.

CTSA Statistics

The CTSA statistics charts illustrate where current quality practitioners score globally compared to the industry benchmark of 80% effectiveness in each of the 5 of the Core Tools areas (FMEA, APQP/PPAP, MSA, SPC).

CTSA Statistics


Quality Report 2020

Survey results, statistics, and other important information to give you the most up to date details on the current state of quality.

Quality 2020 Report

CTSA Data 2019

The Future of the Automotive Supply Chain Survey

Get to know the future of the automotive supply chain with AIAG and Thomson Reuters' Supply Chain 2025 report series!

Download Survey

The Future of the Automotive Supply Chain

Corporate Responsibility in the Decade Ahead

Exploring how current and emerging Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability trends will impact the future of automotive - both for individual organizations, and the industry as a whole.

Decade Ahead

Corporate Responsibility in the Decade Ahead

Dana Case Study

If you are looking to improve your companies Quality knowledge base, download the Dana Incorporated case study to see how leveraging the AIAG Core Tools resources will lead to measurable results.

Dana Case Study

Dana Case Study

CTPAT/AEO - Supply Chain Security

AIAG, in collaboration with OEMs and suppliers, has developed a common system to be used by automotive importers and their supply chain business partners to comply with Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) requirements. This is the first common industry CTPAT questionnaire along with associated corrective actions based on the updated Minimum-Security Criteria (MSC) required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Questionnaires are tailored for each type of supply chain business partner, including foreign manufacturers, highway, rail, air, sea carriers, and more.

Industry Events & Networking

AIAG hosts several events every year focusing on specific topics in Quality, Supply Chain, and Corporate Responsibility, and new industry professionals. These events always feature industry experts discussing the latest topics and trends in the industry and are a great way to network with these experts, company leaders, and your peers. We also have member only events including our annual golf outing and membership appreciation boat cruise, and more. Learn more below.

White Papers & Resources

AIAG’s on staff experts, industry volunteers, and business partners work together to provide the knowledge necessary to help suppliers understand essential industry standards and how they impact their businesses. Select the resources below to learn more.

Publications & eDocuments

AIAG has written the books. AIAG, in collaboration with our industry partners, have written the best practices and standards required and recommended and used by the top OEM and suppliers. Many of our publications are available in both hardcopy and eDocument format, with many of the vital eDocuments free to our members. Bring your company up to the latest standards by checking out all of our documents at the link below.