Corporate Responsibility

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WEF Banner 2018To be successful today, the automotive industry and its supply chain partners must contend with an increasing list of expectations from a range of stakeholders (governments and customers) on complex corporate responsibility (CR) issues which factor into investor decisions and customer perceptions. 

Emerging issues include:

  • Industry expectations concerning human rights, the environment and business ethics.
  • Increasing global regulation on the use and management of chemicals in the production process
  • Mandates to disclose  use of “conflict minerals” plus the potential for an  expanded scope of new minerals
  • Increasing focus on energy, greenhouse gas emissions and water

AIAG’s unique position as a convener of automakers and suppliers provides us the ability to bring our members together to develop common solutions to these and other industry challenges, both national and international.

We address industry issues in two core issue areas:

Please access the 'Corporate Responsibility Organization Chart' above for addtional details

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