Special Process Assessments

The goal of the AIAG Special Process Initiative is the reduction of campaigns, spills, recalls and warranty claims related to components from “Special Processes.” The Special Process Initiative is comprised of individual work groups that develop assessments that are based on best practices and designed to provide a means of continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

The AIAG Special Process System Assessments are applicable to sites where customer-specified parts for production and/or service are processed throughout the automotive supply chain.

Special Process publications to date:
Heat Treat Systems Assessment (CQI-9) , 3rd edition
Plating Systems Assessment (CQI-11) , 2nd edition
Coating Systems Assessment (CQI-12), 2nd edition
Welding Systems Assessment (CQI-15)
, 1st Edition
Soldering Systems Assessment (CQI-17) , 1st Edition
Molding System Assessment (CQI-23), 1st Edition
Casting System Assessment (CQI-27) , 1st Edition

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Program Manager: Karen Krutsch - AIAG - (248) 358-3570