Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines

Global Materials Management Operational Guidelines/Logistical Evaluation (MMOG/LE) is a supplier self assessment and continuous improvement tool with a correlating training course that improves materials management efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs from errors and waste. This work group develops tools to assist with the implementation activities for MMOG/LE.

MMOG/LE is the global standards for supply chain management processes that provide industry best practices. It is intended to establish a common definition of materials practices to facilitate effective communication between trading partners.

The tool can be used by both supplier and customer throughout the entire product life cycle, including early product development and pre-production phases, and the post-production aftermarket/service phases.

Program Manager: Brian Hall - AIAG (248) 358-3570

Co-Chair: Mr. Daniel Howe - General Motors Company

Chair: Yolonda Wilson - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.

Chair: Ms. Terry Onica - QAD

Chair: Ms. Tyese Doby - General Motors Company

The following communities are available for this initiative:


AIM Computer Solutions, Inc.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc
Cooper-Standard Automotive
COSMA Body Systems
Data Interchange
Delphi Corporation
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.
Ford Motor Company
GALIA Association
General Motors Company
Odette International
Radley Corporation
S Group Automotive
Stackpole International
VDA Verband Der Automobilindustrie
Volvo Car Corporation VAT No: SE556074308901
Wayne State University


Global MMOG/LE FAQ's
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International Training Available for MMOG/LE
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Languages Available for MMOG/LE
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MMOG Benefits 14
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MMOG/LE Elearning Preview
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OEM Usage Update May 2010
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Supplier Testimonial for MMOG/LE
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Available Training
Global MMOG/LE Implementation Training - Level 1 Available Training
HTS Harmonized Tariff Schedule Overview Available Training
NAFTA Content Reporting Available Training
The General Motors MMOG/LE Supplier Requirements E-Learning
Global MMOG/LE Implementation ELearning
2015 Supply Chain Summit
Automotive Logistics Mexico Conference