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Understanding and Implementing Measurement Systems Analysis

Improve the control methods within your manufacturing system through this introduction to Statistical Process Control (SPC). In this introductory course we pair the theory of Statistical Process Control (SPC) with tactical tools to give you the best chance at effectively improving the return on investment associated with your manufacturing control strategy. From control charts to capability indices you will gain an understanding of the underlying processes that enable better process monitoring and improve the robustness of process improvement initiatives. This course will provide both functional and applicable skills, as you will learn to select the appropriate tool for an identified purpose or recognize a more complex methodology, apply the selected tool, interpret the results of the application, and make correct decisions based on the interpretation to lead to better performing processes.

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8/19/2024 8:00AM - 5:00PM Live Virtual English 37 $375.00 ($475.00)
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10/1/2024 8:00AM - 5:00PM Live Virtual English 40 $375.00 ($475.00)
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12/11/2024 8:00AM - 5:00PM Live Virtual English 40 $375.00 ($475.00)
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Course Information

This 1-day introductory course provides a working, practical knowledge of the tools within Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA). Understand why MSA is important in your management system, its key elements and tools, as well as how to implement it within your organization through applied exercises all within the context of IATF 16949:2016.

Basic statistical knowledge

Who should attend:

This course is recommended for quality managers, manufacturing managers and supervisors, quality team leaders, quality assurance and laboratory analysts / engineers, anyone involved in the implementation of IATF 16949:2016, individuals and cross functional teams interested in risk reduction and anyone who wants a better understanding of MSA.

Understand what MSA is, and where it fits within the organizational structure, the core tools and management system.

Identify the process of measurement including places where error can be introduced leading to incorrect measurement decisions.

Develop action plans to minimize error in measurement through proven tools like the fishbone diagram.

Identify the different types of data used to perform MSA and determine the amount of data necessary to implement an MSA study.

Learn how to develop an appropriate sampling plan for your MSA studies.

Define the elements of an MSA plan.

Gain an insight for the types of measurement studies required under IATF for various gages.

Identify and select the tools necessary for conducting various MSA studies.

Gain knowledge of guidelines for the various tests used to determine the acceptability level for error and how to take effective action to reduce unacceptable error.

Learn how to properly communicate unacceptable error for further action if no improvement it possible.

Incorporate the use of MSA through applied exercises.

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