Members enjoy deep discounts on many AIAG products, resources, and events – and some, like our popular e-learnings, are even free! From guidelines and standards to training courses and annual summits, AIAG membership means saving more on the things you need most.

It's a neutral, well-known, established entity that is known for putting out high-quality product that is relevant to its members and the industry. Lots of people are looking for ways to save money, and they look to AIAG for guidance.

Bill Hoffman, Managing Director | Hoffman Systems LLC


Free Membership for suppliers with under $20 million in annual sales or who are a diversity supplier.

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AIAG's Board of Director companies are sponsoring FREE membership for direct suppliers.

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Interested in a career in the automotive industry? Use our benefits to network and get noticed.

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Show your prospective employer you don’t just want a job, you want a career.

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Collaborate and Network with Industry Professionals

From participating in standards development and creating responsive programs to networking and sharing best practices, AIAG members understand that collaboration is more than just a buzzword — it’s the best way to drive significant improvements in cost, quality and customer satisfaction.

Whether volunteering for a workgroup or networking with peers and experts at our world class events, AIAG members benefit from opportunities to make their voices heard and positively impact the industry. As an added bonus, members gain free access to AIAG’s Future Automotive Expert events – geared toward professionals who are new to the industry – throughout the year.

When OEMs and suppliers work together to develop standard practices, tools, and training to improve efficiency, performance and thereby reduce cost, it's possible to help the entire industry improve.

Dave Sakata, Vice President, Technology | Freudenberg-NOK

A Better Way to Search - and Be Found!

All AIAG member companies are listed in our Supplier Connect database. Search the directory for a supplier, showcase your company’s products, services and capabilities, or browse keywords to find the product or service you’re hunting for.

Another unique tool for members – the web-based Global Supplier Visibility Map (GSVM) – allows users to search for current (and potential) suppliers or customers by city, state, zip code or country, within a specific radius. Additionally, the GSVM can also help manage risk by identifying areas where natural disasters, geopolitical unrest or other disruptive factors have the potential to impact your business.