Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment

Supply Chain Sustainability

Globalization of the automotive industry has led to the development of increasingly complex supply chains. Understanding and managing potential risks has become a strategic priority for the industry. AIAG's member companies are working together to reaffirm our commitment to doing business in an ethical and responsible way to benefit workers, communities and the environment.

We believe in the benefits of a common approach and message and, as such, are providing access to the necessary guidelines, assessment tools, education & training, and other collateral materials needed by companies, of all sizes, to meet/exceed our sustainability performance expectations.

Here are the tools to get your company started. We encourage you to access these resources in the order listed.
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AIAG Supply Chain Sustainability eLearning
A free online course highlighting the fundamental principles of responsible working conditions, including an overview of child labor, forced labor, freedom of association, harassment and discrimination, health and safety, wages and benefits, working hours, environmental responsibility, and business ethics

AIAG Supply Chain Sustainability Knowledge Assessment(Practitioner-Level)
A free online assessment based on the Automotive Industry Guiding Principles to Enhance Sustainability Performance in the Supply Chain that includes terms and knowledge common to the automotive industry and is designed to help on-board employees who have been assigned to champion their company’s sustainability efforts

Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment:The Solution to Customer Requests (Enterprise Level)
The automotive industry supply chain is an integral part of our business process, with numerous upstream suppliers and downstream customers. It is important companies are able to evaluate business practices throughout the supply chain both efficiently and accurately in order to ensure timely adherence to globally embraced principles.

Companies are often faced with multiple customer requests for sustainability data and profiles. These requests cover largely the same topics, but many ask the same questions in different ways, resulting in valuable time wasted responding.

Honest and transparent self-assessment is an important first step toward ensuring a responsible supply chain. To that end, AIAG member companies have collaboratively developed the Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment, a standardized tool for gap analysis and process improvement. It provides a single, simple method by which suppliers can report on their sustainability activities, with a single, clear response then delivered to multiple customers.

This Sustainability Self-Assessment is an excel-based tool available on our website that addresses the typical range of CR program elements companies have implemented, are launching, or are considering. It was created by a team of automotive and sustainability professionals and is based on a combination of industry experience and multi-stakeholder engagement.

Minimum System Requirements for Download:

•     A software requirement of Microsoft Excel 2003 or Above

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Program Director: Tanya Bolden - AIAG - (248) 213-4646

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