Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines (MMOG/LE)

Global Materials Management Operational Guidelines/Logistical Evaluation (MMOG/LE) is a supplier self assessment and continuous improvement tool with a correlating training course that improves materials management efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs from errors and waste. This work group develops tools to assist with the implementation activities for MMOG/LE. 

MMOG/LE is the global standards for supply chain management processes that provide industry best practices. It is intended to establish a common definition of materials practices to facilitate effective communication between trading partners.

The tool can be used by both supplier and customer throughout the entire product life cycle, including early product development and pre-production phases, and the post-production aftermarket/service phases.

Global MMOG/LE Training Available:
Global MMOG/LE Implementation Training - Level 1

Global MMOG/LE Products Available:
Global MMOG/LE - Version 4

Program Director: Mr. Lang Ware - AIAG - (248) 358-3570

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