Resources/Other Information

To assist AIAG in accomplishing its objectives, the Supply Chain Community will:

  • Proactively identify AIAG member industry issues, needs, and trends.
  • Actively represent AIAG member industry needs, nationally and internationally including participation in standard setting organizations and partnerships with other industry groups.
  • Provide timely development, delivery, and promotion of valued direction and innovative solutions for a seamless, efficient, and responsible supply chain with
    • Cost and complexity reduced
    • Supply Chain management improved for materials and logistics
    • Speed to market optimized
  • Provide/approve information technology recommendations to other AIAG business units and oversight committees, e.g.:
    • select and recommend process and data modeling tools, techniques, and methods.
    • review and approve technology solutions from AIAG work groups during the development process
    • recommend electronic technology solutions to business problems
  • Encourage participation from our organizations, AIAG members and subject matter experts to participate in Supply Chain Management work groups‚Äč