by Greg Creason | Aug 02, 2017

As Weston begins work on the AIAG board, he looks forward to sharing his professional expertise with the next generation and helping shape future AIAG initiatives.

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan, July 27, 2017—The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) announces the appointment of Doug Weston, Director of Purchasing - Global Supply Network Division for Caterpillar Inc., to its board of directors.

The board, which represents a cross-section of AIAG’s member companies, is responsible for maintaining the organization’s commitment to a seamless, efficient, and responsible supply chain. Comprised of 25 executives from the automotive and transportation OEM and supplier communities, board members provide strategic direction for AIAG and oversee collaborative efforts to strengthen the automotive industry’s competitiveness.

Despite being relatively new to both the board and the organization itself, Weston’s goals are well aligned with AIAG’s. In his own words, Weston considers this appointment an opportunity to focus on “diverse supplier development, education and training, quality, and sustainability”—all areas that tie into specific AIAG objectives and programs, like the free five-year membership offered to minority-owned and small direct part suppliers.

Weston joined Caterpillar in 1986 at the start-up of the company’s Indiana Large Engine Center, just a few years after Caterpillar became an AIAG member. At the time Weston had recently completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, but, after discovering a propensity for purchasing, decided to adjust his career path accordingly.

“I like knowing that what I do is directly impacting the results of the corporation,” Weston explains. “As an engineer, I love solving problems, and in the purchasing world, whether times are good or bad, we’re always solving problems.”

Beginning in the late 1980s, Weston advanced through virtually every position supporting the various business units in Caterpillar’s Global Purchasing organization. Today, in his current capacity as Director of Purchasing for the Global Supply Network Division, Weston has buying responsibility for approximately $4.0B.

In addition to a passion for purchasing, Weston also appreciates the value of continuing education, as evidenced by his Master of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering, as well as his completion of the Penn State Purchasing Executive Series and the Certified Purchasing Manager Program through NAPM (now ISM).  

Weston has focused his career as a leader on sharing his knowledge and expertise with his teams at Caterpillar, and is excited about doing the same more broadly through his work on the AIAG board. With more than 30 years of experience working in what he refers to as the “center hub of the corporation” Weston wants to continue paying it forward. “I have decades of experience and my passion is sharing what I have learned over that time, the successes and the failures, with the next generation,” Weston explains. “What is most important to me is making sure we leave everything behind in this world better than we found it.”

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