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Our mission is to enable collaboration within the automotive and related industries and to provide access to information, education and the tools needed so our stakeholders can continually improve the environment in which they operate.

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AIAG's Quality initiatives span the wide array of product development, manufacturing, service, and customer experience improvement activities to support the manufacturing technology and product innovation advancements that are required from successful and growing suppliers and OEM's. While grounded in the quality standards and core tools that are the foundation of automotive quality excellence, the current AIAG quality initiatives are exploring new issues, providing insights, and the latest tools and methodologies to support the manufacturing technology and product innovation advancements that are required from successful and growing suppliers and OEM's.

Supply Chain Management

Recent events have clearly demonstrated the challenges in managing the scope, scale and complexity of today's automotive supply chain. AIAGs materials management, ecommerce and logistics initiatives are far-reaching and can have a significant impact on supply chain efficiency - whether the goal is to improve the flow of information, reduce in-transit damage, speed up the flow of parts through international borders, or provide greater visibility anywhere in the system. AIAG Supply Chain Management initiatives provide guidelines, training and educational opportunities to understand and manage the complexity and scope of supply chain issues.

Corporate Responsibility

By being both proactive and collaborative, AIAG brings our members together to develop innovative solutions to these and other common CR challenges, both national and international. AIAG understands the range of CR issues and laws affecting the automotive and related industries, and we stay on top of changing conditions and expectations. Using this intelligence and our unique position at the nexus of multiple industries and companies, we develop the active insights, trainings and tools our members need to operate responsibly—and profitably. Our corporate responsibility work is guided by a CR Steering Committee, which is facilitated by AIAG and comprised of senior staff volunteers from our member companies, including FCA, Delphi, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, ZF TRW and many others. The Committee, along with its Advisory and Working Groups of members and subject matter experts address industry issues in three core issue areas: Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability.

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AIAG offers several world class events annually that provide you with the opportunity to hear from OEM and Supplier leadership, experts and thought leaders on the latest topics that shape the automotive landscape. You can also network with your peers and learn about the latest Quality, Supply Chain, and Corporate Responsibility innovations and trends from our sponsors and exhibitors. Don't miss out! Reserve your seat today!

Upcoming Events

Stochiometric Analysis for Glass & Ceramics in IMDS3/11/2021

Free Webinar Event!   Register now for our new webinar in Chemical Management, "How to Properly Report Glass and Ceramic Materials in IMDS Using the Stochiometric Analysis Process".   On March 11, 2021 from 3:30-4:30pm EST learn about representing glasses, ceramics, and enamels in IMDS and the complex analysis required to do so properly.   Heidi Wittenborn, Senior Environmental Consultant with RSJ Technical Consulting, brings 10 years of IMDS experience to the table.  She will be discussing the changes in reporting glass, ceramic and enamel materials and how to use the stochiometric analysis to convert a list of ingredients - to the end state material, while still tracking any declarable substances on GADSL. For IMDS purposes, a stochiometric analysis is a breakdown of the percentages of individual elements present in the substances that make up a material.  Many of these materials are still reported as a list of oxides.  Since these materials are considered UVCB materials under REACH, IMDS developed a way to track declarable content while still reporting appropriately for UVCB materials.   Here's the definition and an example.    For IMDS purposes a stochiometric analysis is a breakdown of the percentages of individual elements present in the substances that make up a material.  For example, H2O (water), breaks down into two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen.  Hydrogen and oxygen have different atomic weights: hydrogen’s is 1.00784 and oxygen’s is 15.999.   Total atomic weight of H2O is (2 x 1.00784) + (1 x 15.99) = 18.0568 Percentage of oxygen in H2O = 15.99 / 18.0568 = 88.55389659297328% Percentage of hydrogen in H2O = (2 x 1.00784) / 18.0568 = 11.16299676576138% We can round these numbers in our final accounting of 100% of the substance.   The presentation starting at 3:30pm EST will be last approximately 45 minutes followed by time for Q&A.   After registering for this event, you will receive 2 confirmation emails (an Order Confirmation and an Event Confirmation). The link for the webinar will be on the Event Confirmation. If you do not receive the 2 confirmation emails, you did not fully complete the order process

2021 March 23 Future Automotive Expert Webinar3/23/2021

Registration is open for the March 23 Future Automotive Expert Webinar - ELECTRIFICATION IMPACT   In January, GM announced its strategy to eliminate gasoline and diesel light-duty vehicles as it plans for an all-electric future.  Other automakers tied to the internal combustion engine (ICE), such as Jaguar Land Rover and Ford, have announced similar plans.  This historic industry shift from the ICE to all-electric propulsion systems will dramatically impact supply chains worldwide.     In his presentation, “Electrification Impact,” Paul Eichenberg – Managing Director of Paul Eichenberg Strategic Consulting – goes into depth about this dramatic industry change.  The presentation will highlight the automaker strategies behind the increasing pace of change, the devastating impact on the automotive supply chain, and the profound challenges facing those who take on this transition.     Link for GoTo Webinar will be on your confirmation email. If you do not get a confirmation email, you did not complete the registation process successfully.    Paul Eichenberg's Bio

2021 VIRTUAL Corporate Responsibility Summit4/14/2021

The Virtual AIAG Corporate Responsibility Summit is back!   This year’s two-day event offers attendees the latest insights and industry information on today's ESG concerns. Join us for the first day (April 14th) to hear insights on a wide range of environmental issues, and the second day (April 15th) for sessions focusing on human rights, sustainability, conflict minerals and more!   In addition to being easy to access – no software or plugin downloads required – this virtual event provides the flexibility of participating from your office, home, or anywhere with high speed internet access. As an added bonus, if you’re unable to be at your computer all day, you can choose which sessions to attend and set reminders, or even come back to content you missed, as attendees will be able to access recorded sessions for a full 60 days after the event.   Other benefits of this web-based platform include virtual networking, live chatting with exhibitors, live Q&A with speakers following presentations, and much more.   View Agenda   Secure your virtual seat today!    For Sponsor and Exhibitor information, see link below.

2021 AIAG Supply Chain + International Trade Summit9/9/2021

SAVE THE DATE - September 9, 2021 for the 2021 AIAG Virtual Supply Chain + International Trade Summit   What global supply chain concerns keep you up at night?  What lessons have been learned from the recent, world-altering events?  Which challenges are still out on the horizon, and perhaps most importantly, where do we go from here? Get answers to these questions and more as AIAG presents to you our first ever Supply Chain, Customs, and Finished Vehicle Logistics banner events - all rolled into ONE exciting day!   AIAG has assembled a highly cross-functional, thought-leader driven committee to bring you the most critical, top-of-mind supply chain topics, ranging from materials management, supply chain digitalization, ecological shipping breakthroughs, and customs & trade compliance initiatives - all the way through to the global transportation of finished vehicles to showrooms and distributors, and in some cases, even your own garage door.    Several tracks are planned throughout the day depending on your area of focus, however, with our latest digital conference technology, you can are able to experience the full live event, as well as revisit content and sessions you might have missed long after the virtual doors have closed!  Feel confident in selecting YOUR agenda of choice, alongside the planned general sessions - truly the best of all worlds - right from your home office or prefered remote location.   The world is tumultuous, unpredictable at times, and undoubtedly challenging. We are truly excited to have you JOIN US as we shine a light and help your automotive supply chain organization navigate stormy seas!    Sponsorships and exhibit booths are available NOW. See link below. 


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You want the best training in Quality, Supply Chain, and Corporate Responsibility and AIAG delivers! AIAG training is developed by the same people who write the standards and best practices you want to learn - You get the content the way the industry experts who developed it intended. Training is offered at our Southfield, MI headquarters, and now in a live virtual format! It's the same great classroom training but taken where it's most convenient for you. Want AIAG to come to you? Take a look at our onsite training program.
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When it comes to industry standards, best practices and tools, no one can bring the expertise that AIAG does. We bring together industry leaders from OEMs and Suppliers in the areas of Quality, Supply Chain, and Corporate Responsibility to develop the tools that make the entire automotive supply chain more efficient. Check out all of the products AIAG and our industry volunteers have developed below. AIAG™ - We Wrote the Book.

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