Finished Vehicle Logistics

The Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) division of AIAG consists of numerous work groups aimed at establishing industry standards that will reduce costs and improve the processes followed to manage the finished vehicle supply chain for the OEM and their service providers. Committees are comprised of OEM volunteers, AIAG management, and AIAG members from rail/truck/ocean carriers, custom brokers, and terminal operating organizations.

The FVL work groups have made significant strides in improving processes and reducing complexities in the FVL supply chain and continues to improve upon current processes as well as developing standards for the challenges the FVL community will face in the near and far reaching future.

Damage Claims Reporting

Global practices related to finished vehicles damaged in transit.

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(ePOD) Electronic Proof of Delivery

Standardizing the administrative process of delivery of vehicles to dealers.

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Connected Vehicle

Standardizing the data transmitted between transportation partners to improve vehicle supply chain management from OEM to dealer.

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Rail & Haul Visibility

Improving visibility between the OEM’s, Rail & Haul-Away entities to reduce congestion at rail yards & reduce transit time for delivery to the dealer.

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FVL Portal

A tool for users, populated and maintained by AIAG, of compiled vehicle volume and route information.

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Free Online Assessment

Test your knowledge in multiple areas of Supply Chain Management as it relates specifically to the world of Finished Vehicle Logistics.

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Get started with the Common Visibility Event Definitions. It's primary focus is to lower overall cost and time of the Finished Vehicle.

The PQA tool was developed to offer Finished Vehicle Logistics personnel a process to identify, record, and improve vehicle quality issues as the vehicle moves through any given port.

Finished Vehicle Logistics Oversight Committee

The FVL Oversight Committee is made up of key seasoned finished vehicle logistics professionals and leaders from automotive OEMs, vehicle transportation service providers (Ocean, Rail and Haul-Away), Marine Terminal managers, railroads, port authorities and port processors.  This committee, works with the FVL leader to raise awareness in the industry of the AIAG FVL initiatives, objectives, and successes.  They provide an oversight for the prioritization of certain initiatives that are designed to improve visibility and management of the finished vehicle supply chain.

These are the participating member companies:


Current Participants

  • Auto Warehousing Corporation
  • BNSF Railroad
  • CN (Canadian National Railway Company)
  • Cassen Transport and United Road Services
  • FAPS Inc.
  • ICL Systems
  • Infor (GT Nexus)
  • SSA Marine
  • United Road Services, Inc.
  • Volkswagen Group of America
  • Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

Program Management: Supply Chain Team - (248) 358-3570

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