Active Projects

AIAG's Quality initiatives span the wide array of product development, manufacturing, service, and customer experience improvement activities that challenge our member companies in today's ever changing automotive industry.

Warranty Management Guideline UpdateVolunteers Needed

The Automotive Warranty Management work group is reconvening to enhance the guideline to include new sections that focus on the changes seen in the industry in the last five years, especially with software and electronics. The updated document would address the need to contain and resolve field concerns more effectively and rapidly when they occur (the importance of traceability to identify suspect populations). The project is scheduled to kick-off in early 2020. For more information, click here.

Heat Treat Assessment

The Heat Treat work group is developing the 4th edition of the Heat Treat Assessment. This new edition will focus on clarification to the process tables and pyrometry requirements, and a major change to the formatting of the assessment from Excel to a Word format to allow for greater flexibility in writing observations and notes, and will include hyperlinks to the Process Tables.  For more information, click here.

Coating Assessment

The Plating and Coating work groups are now working together as one team to develop a 3rd edition for the Coating Assessment. The team will harmonize common practices between the Plating, Coating and Heat Treat assessments on the pyrometry requirements, including instrumentation, thermocouple checks, and temperature uniformity surveys, where appropriate. The Management Responsibility and Quality Planning section, and Floor and Material Handling Responsibility section of the Coating assessment will also be harmonized. For more information, click here.

Solder Assessment

As technology is changes rapidly, and vehicles are being controlled more and more by electronics, the Soldering Assessment is being updated to reflect the new manufacturing methods, process controls and acceptability criteria for soldering. For more information, click here.

Risk Based Audit Project

It is critical for the industry that there is alignment between achievement/maintenance of ISO/TS16949 certification and the actual quality performance of the site. One of the current issues is that in the audit scheme for TS, the length of the audits (days) is based solely on the number of employees at the site. With the revision of ISO/TS underway by the IATF, there is an opportunity to propose a modification to the Rules, so that risk, performance, and maturity factors are considered in the audit day’s determination. The focus of this work group is to define a “Risk Based” model where complexity factors such as type of product, (brakes, steering, etc.), site QMS “maturity” factors such as stability of leadership, stability of business, number of new product launches, quality culture, etc., and demonstrated quality performance are the basis for the calculation of audit days for the site. For more information, click here.

3D Model Technical Data Package Exchange Guideline

Accurate and efficient design data exchange in the Automotive Industry is critical for new product development between OEM(s) and their supply base.  Without an accurate or clean data exchange, translation errors and missing information enter the data exchange process, introducing delays, non-conformances, and costs.  AIAG’s 3D Model Technical Data Package Work Group will develop a guideline for exchanging product design information between customers and suppliers.  For more information, click here.

Supplier & Product Reliability Assurance

The automotive industry is changing rapidly, both with the technology in the vehicle and with the suppliers used to provide the technology, and the need for an updated, consistent tool to assess supplier and product reliability has never been stronger. AIAG’s Supplier & Product Reliability Assurance work group is tasked with updating current reliability tools and ensuring they are universally applicable to suppliers and products, in both internal and external evaluation. For more information on this work group please click here.