Corporate Responsibility

The automotive industry supply chain has a high degree of complexity, therefore we believe in the benefits of a common approach and message. The following guidelines clearly describe our minimum expectations towards business ethics, working conditions, human rights and environmental leadership for our suppliers as well as their subcontractors and suppliers. We expect that suppliers will uphold these standards and cascade them down their supply chain.

These guidelines are based on fundamental principles of social and environmental responsibility that are compliant with local law, consistent with international expectations and are supported by the sponsoring automotive manufacturers. Individual manufacturers may have their own standards, codes and policies that supersede these guidelines.

The Automotive Industry Guiding Principles create a platform from which industry can align and act with a common approach. At AIAG, we convene OEMs and suppliers to determine the issues of greatest importance to the supply chain, and the tools and resources needed to increase industry effectiveness.

Explore the programs listed below to see which initiatives pertain to your or your company’s needs.

Forced Labor/Human Rights

Education and resources to establish comprehensive forced labor and human rights due diligence.

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Responsible Materials

Collaborate to gain greater transparency on supply chain minerals including conflict minerals (“3TG”), cobalt, mica and others.

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Supply Chain Sustainability

Do business in an ethical and responsible way to benefit workers, communities and the environment.

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Environmental Sustainability

The ability to maintain rates of renewable resource harvest, pollution creation, and nonrenewable resource depletion that can be continued indefinitely.

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Chemical Management

Supporting the development and operation of chemical reporting processes to meet both regulatory and customer requirements.

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Health & Safety

Driving transparency and improvements in cost, quality and safety to maximize the value of health care investments.

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AIAG’s unique position as a convener of automakers and suppliers provides us the ability to bring our members together to develop common solutions to these and other industry challenges, both national and international.

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In this webinar, learn the information various ESG firms are expecting companies to provide to demonstrate sustainable supply chain practices.

Converging developments create the need for companies to fully understand and strategically manage the disclosure of a new set of performance metrics.

Additional Information for Corporate Responsibility

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