by Greg Creason | Apr 16, 2018

In partnership with Compliance & Risks, AIAG now offers a new Regulatory Updates webpage that automatically populates with relevant content as regulations are updated and customer requirements change.

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan, April 16, 2018 – As an additional industry benefit, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has rolled out a new online resource for automotive professionals: a Regulatory Updates page that automatically pulls in the most recent and relevant regulatory updates as they become available.

The information featured on the Regulatory Updates page comes from Compliance & Risks and their knowledge partner network.  The two parties, AIAG and Compliance & Risks, have worked together to make this resource a reality, and intend to collaborate in the future on similar value-add endeavors.

This RSS feed driven page is geared toward individuals involved with corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR/S), those performing quality functions that require reporting into IMDS, and all others dealing with global substances of concern and waste regulation.  

Lecedra Welch, corporate responsibility program manager, environmental sustainability at AIAG explains: “While this resource was created to benefit all suppliers – in the sense that it allows them to obtain updated global information, all in one place – we also wanted to focus on supporting lower tier suppliers specifically, who may not otherwise have the time, resources, or ready access to updated regulatory information.”

The page’s simple and straightforward format allows users to quickly skim through content if desired, but also makes it easy to find more information. Clicking on any particular update’s title takes the user to the source page, where more detail is available. 

In context, AIAG’s Regulatory Updates page makes its debut at a time when the automotive industry is changing and evolving at a rapid pace, making it particularly challenging to keep up with the steady stream of new information. Corporate Responsibility professionals in particular are focused on environmental reporting, increased global regulations pertaining to the use and management of chemicals in the production process, mandates for the disclosure of “conflict minerals,” expectations surrounding human rights and business ethics, and a number of other emerging and existing issues that factor into day to day operations, customer perceptions and investor decisions.

Commenting on the new regulatory updates page, Joe Skulski, CEO of Compliance & Risks notes: “We are delighted to partner with AIAG on this initiative as we understand the importance for companies to stay ahead of constant regulatory changes. We deliver timely updates for our clients on proposed and enacted regulations and Standards, helping them to better manage their compliance requirements and believe this content delivered to AIAG will be helpful and informative.”

Resources like this help support proactive and reactive measures automotive organizations take in response to changes in global regulations. Since the page populates with fresh content as regulations are updated and customer requirements change, the process of staying informed is made stress-free – checking back often will help individuals stay up to date on the latest need-to-know regulations and requirements, and better prepared for compliance challenges. Additionally, although new content appearing at the top of the page will displace older updates, the latter will still be readily available simply by scrolling down.

“Creating this particular resource has been a goal for some time,” Welch concludes. “We are pleased to finally announce its availability to the industry, and hope it will be used as widely as many of our other complimentary tools and resources.” 

To view the Regulatory Updates page, simply visit this link, or navigate to the Corporate Responsibility tab at to explore related topics.

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