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You’re about to join an association unlike any other. Over 4,000 member companies across industries come together at AIAG in a neutral, collaborative, and legal environment to solve issues common to global supply chains.

OEMs, suppliers at all tiers, service providers, government agencies, and universities work collaboratively to improve product quality, drive supply chain efficiencies, and promote social and environmental responsibility.

Where The Industry Takes Action!


Where The Industry Takes Action!


Ask us about our multi-year memberships, with a 5% discount for two-year memberships and a full 10% discount for three-year memberships!

Increase efficiency, reduce waste, improve warranty, and comply with industry and government requirements in the areas of manufacturing and design quality, supply chain, and corporate responsibility by adopting and implementing AIAG’s industry developed standards, best practices, and tools.

More than 300 industry developed multilingual resources are available in quality, supply chain, and corporate responsibility

Annually, more than 900 industry volunteers actively participate in the development of new and updated resources

Many of AIAG’s standards are accepted and required by OEMs to supply parts and services to the industry

Members receive a generous discount over non-member pricing on most publications and eDocuments

AIAG training is developed by the same volunteers who write our standards and best practices, so you’re getting the education exactly as the content creators intended. AIAG membership increases your ability to address the industry’s skills gaps and position your company for maximum growth.

Along with the options listed below, AIAG and its Board of Directors also offer a Core Tools Knowledge Badge – free for AIAG members – to assist current and future professionals in assessing and building their Core Tools knowledge.

AIAG training is available in-person, in a live virtual format, and at your location, globally, for maximum availability and convenience

Online self and company assessments are available in many disciplines and languages so you know exactly where your skill gaps are and which AIAG trainings will benefit your employees and company most

Training is available globally, in your local language, so your entire staff can get the skills they need

AIAG members get generous discounts on most of our eLearning, training, and assessments

AIAG events are held annually, both in-person and virtually, and webinars are held throughout the year to address current industry issues and improve your skills and knowledge.

Events are offered both virtually and in-person giving you and your team the most flexibility on when and how to attend

Subject matter experts address specific topics, providing your team with the best thinking and solutions to current industry issues

AIAG event attendees hold positions at all levels, from CEO to practitioner, at OEM to Tier-N companies, giving you endless networking opportunities with your peers

Members receive a substantial discount on event attendance over non-members

AIAG’s Board of Director companies pay it forward by offering free sponsored membership to direct suppliers under $20 million in annual sales, diversity-owned under $100 million in annual sales, at-risk supplier sites, and all current students at colleges and universities.

Free membership for small companies ensures that AIAG’s industry developed standards, best practices, and tools are available and implemented across the entire supply chain

AIAG’s sponsored membership includes discounted access to all the Quality Core Tools, the foundation of industry quality and a requirement by many OEMs and suppliers

Free sponsored membership is directed at suppliers of components, materials, and secondary finishing processes, including logistics services, packaging, labeling, and tooling and equipment; if it touches or becomes part of the finished vehicle, membership is free

AIAG member companies are listed in the Global Supplier Visibility Map and Supplier Connect portal, both invaluable tools to get your company noticed as adhering to industry standards

AIAG’s breadth and depth of membership gives you access to thought leaders at every level of the supply chain. Stay current on the latest trends and information shaping the global industry through surveys, white papers, assessments, and more.

AIAG, in collaboration with its members and partners, survey the industry on a variety of quality, supply chain, and corporate responsibility topics, providing the latest intelligence on the state of the industry

Volunteers and partners publish white papers on numerous topics to help you stay on top of the latest trends

Our monthly newsletters provide the latest information on AIAG volunteers work group activities, upcoming events, and the newest standards, best practices, tools, and training

Membership in AIAG gives you the opportunity to provide your expertise in developing the next generation of intelligence and tools for the industry

It's a neutral, well-known, established entity that is known for putting out high-quality product that is relevant to its members and the industry. Lots of people are looking for ways to save money, and they look to AIAG for guidance.

Bill Hoffman, Managing Director | Hoffman Systems LLC


Memberships are non-transferable and renew annually. Dues are calculated based on your company's global annual sales and are non-refundable. Membership becomes active once dues are paid.

AIAG also offers multi-year memberships, with a 5% discount for two-year memberships and a full 10% discount for three-year memberships.

Have questions about dues, multi-year discounts, special campaigns, or benefits? Contact us at AIAGMemberServices@aiag.org.

Global Annual Sales Annual Dues
*Under $20 million: Direct Supplier Only Sponsored
*Under $100 million Diversity Direct Supplier Sponsored
Under $10 million $630
$10 to $20 million $1,300
$20 to $200 million $2,600
$200 to $300 million $4,400
$300 to $400 million $5,700
$400 to $500 million $8,100
$500 million to $1 billion $9,500
$1 to $3 billion $10,500
$3 to $5 billion $13,100
$5 to $50 billion $15,800
Over $50 billion $16,500
Universities $525
Students FREE

*Free memberships are offered to direct parts supplier companies whose parent global annual sales are under $20 Million and diversity-owned under $100 million in global annual sales. Fill out a membership form and an AIAG member ambassador will contact you to get you started.

AIAG is where the industry takes action – and it all starts with membership!