JAIF Global Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

JAIF Global Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Item Level Standard

Developed with global consensus; the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Item Level Standard describes best practices, processes, and methods for item identification, verification, traceability, product characteristics and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN2) throughout the global automotive supply chain.

This standard is based on ISO and GS1 standards. They ensure compatibility between readers 306 and tags using Issuing Agency Codes from UN, OD, LA, VTD, D, and GS1. This global standard recommends the basic features of data carriers as applied to an item, product, part, component, module, or assembly.

In particular, this standard:

  • Provides recommendations for the identification of items
  • As used in this document item, product, part, component, module or assembly are synonymous terms
  • Specifies the air interface standards required between the RF interrogator and RF tag.
  • Specifies the semantics and data syntax to be used.
  • Provides a unique identifier for traceability.
  • Specifies the minimum RFID system performance requirements.
  • Specifies a minimum User Memory Bank (MB11) size
  • Specifies the process to be used to interface with business applications and the RFID system.
  • Provides specific business process application recommendations for:
  • Item Identification 321
  • Verification (error proofing)
  • Item Traceability
  • Item Characteristics
  • Vehicle Identification (VIN)
  • Anti-counterfeiting

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