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Effective Problem Solving Workshop

Classroom Training CEU Credit: 1.5
This one-day workshop is based on the AIAG CQI-20: Effective Problem Solving Guide. Kaoru Ishikawa stated that most factory problems can be solved by using seven basic quality tools. This course provides guidance in solving more complex problems where the use of a cross-functional team is needed.

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Pricing and Time

Member: $625.00
Non-Member: $825.00
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

International Offerings

Date Location Language Available Seating Contact
TBD TBD, South Africa Republic of English 25 Mr. Raj Harilal
TBD TBD, Brazil Brazilian Portuguese 25 Paulo Sergio Giusti
TBD TBD, China Peoples Republic of Simplified Chinese 25 Steven Hsieh
TBD TBD, India English 25 H.S. Anand
TBD TBD, Japan Japanese 25 Itaru Suzuki
TBD TBD, South Korea Korean 25 Soon-Young Won
TBD TBD, Mexico Spanish - Latin America 25 José Dominguez

Course Information

This two day workshop is based on the AIAG CQI-20 Effective Problem Solving Guide, 2nd edition. Using case studies, the workshop will give attendees the tools necessary to work through real problems to identify root cause and complete the process of effective problem solving. Attendees will take this new knowledge back into their organization to review and address the existing culture, behaviors, and competency with regards to problem solving, and to drive change within their organization. 

Course Material: Course Material information will be provided on your confirmation document upon completion of registration – if you have more specific questions, please contact customer service at 877-275-2424

This two-day workshop is recommended for individuals who are problem solving practitioners, management that supports the problem solving process, or anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the problem solving process based on industry best practice.

Objective of the Effective Problem Solving Workshop is for the attendee to gain a basic understanding of the AIAG CQI-20 Effective Problem Solving Guide, and to learn the steps and tools within the Guideline by completing case study exercises. Participant will receive a copy of the CQI-20 Effective Problem Solving Guide.


• Day One:

   o Introductions

   o Executive Leadership discussion

   o Review case study one

   o Review Problem Solving Process using case study one and activities 1-11

• Day Two:

   o Case studies 2 and 3

   o Cultural Assessment Activity

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