Road Map to Supply Chain Success

Evolve from paper-based transactions with a step by step approach to budgetary planning, software selection, and more.

EDI Project Planner (E-2)
Auto ID/Labeling
Eliminate human error from data. Use the basis for global standards with best practices, processes, and methods.

Labeling Standard
Materials Management
Organize the supply chain productively. The logistics of material flow, communication, sequencing, and the return of transport items require substantial coordination to meet production demand.

Container Management
Reduce part damage/
contamination from single to multi-use container systems.

Intercontinental Pallet and Carton Standard
Finished Vehicle Logistics
Standards that will reduce costs and improve the processes followed to manage the finished vehicle supply chain.

FVL Supply Chain
Protecting information should be a business imperative to maintain a viable and secure environment.

Customs & Trade
Import/Export goods effectively with the right training and resources at your fingertips.

Customs & Trade
Supply Chain Roadmap

AIAG offers a variety of tools that make a positive impact on your supply chain, including products and training in materials management, logistics, and e-commerce. The supply chain products featured on the Road Map appear in the logical order for suppliers seeking to develop a dependable and efficient supply chain on the road to automotive supplier excellence.


Evolve from paper-based transactions