Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) – also known as Two-Factor Authentication when only two methods are used to verify identity – is now available for CTS, using authenticator software such as Microsoft Authenticator. This allows CTS users to log in with two-factor authentication by pairing the individual user account with an outside authenticator software.

Please note that the steps below are specific to Microsoft Authenticator software. As other authenticator programs may differ, we recommend connecting with your company's IT department first, with any questions about setting up MFA on your account.

To take advantage of MFA for your company’s account, please follow the steps below.

Turning On MFA for your CTS Company Account

New CTS Company Accounts: While purchasing, new accounts have the option to turn ON MFA right from the AIAG Store. Simply toggle the on/off button when checking out, per the image below.

Mid-term/Existing Company Accounts: For mid-term MFA changes, please email Our support staff will turn on your account’s MFA manually, and contact you once it’s been enabled.

Connecting Your Username

Once your company's account has MFA enabled, you'll notice a two-factor authentication setup process when logging into the CTS software with your username and password.

This process starts with a verification screen that features a large QR code you can scan, or a text code for manually connecting to your authenticator software application. You'll use this information later in the setup process.

Continue by opening the authentication app on your phone or computer.

With Microsoft Authenticator, the phone app has an “Add Account” button (+) in the top right corner of the screen. After clicking that button, you will be prompted to select the type of account you’re connecting. As CTS is not a Microsoft account, please be sure to select "Other."

Once you’ve selected “Other,” you should see a screen allowing you to scan the QR code, or manually enter the text code provided for your account. Refer back to the “Two-Factor Authentication” verification screen in the CTS software for that information. If you have any issues scanning the QR code, simply enter the text code manually, after which the authenticator and CTS software should be connected!

Logging In to CTS with MFA

Once connected to the Microsoft Authenticator, every time you enter your username to log into the CTS software, you’ll also be prompted for a six-digit code. Reference your Microsoft Authentication app for the latest code, and enter it in the box when prompted. Once you click the “Verify,” button, you’ll be redirected to your CTS software application dashboard.


If you run into any issues connecting MFA with your CTS account, please don't hesitate to reach out to for further assistance. We also recommend contacting your company’s IT department with specific questions, as authenticator software differs from company to company.