Resources Included with your Subscription

We have feature videos that can be watched any time inside our Learning Portal. These videos walk through individual areas in the software, from setting up users to creating parts and projects. We do recommend watching these videos when starting out to help familarize yourself with the software.

You can also contact any time for individual questions.

Training & Coaching

Looking for expert training and coaching from CTS professionals? We create customized training for your company!

CTS coaches can train individuals 1 on 1, or in small groups. Training sessions are 2 hours long, and allow for hands on approach to learning the software. The 2 hour time block allows our trainers the time to walk you through each item and make sure you learn the exercise before moving on to the next item. We allow up to 4 individual trainees per session.

Each CTS subscription purchase comes with included training session(s) that renew every year. The number of sessions is determined based on the CTS package purchased.

If you're looking for more training, we do offer additional sessions that can be purchased separately, priced here. Training sessions are priced per session. When purchased separately, these sessions are added to your account, which never expire and can be used whenever you'd like. The more sessions you need the more you can save with our training bundles. Please note, individual sessions are unable to be purchased separately.

We'll customize your training session based on the areas of CTS you need help with. The CTS Team will help figure out what areas you'd like to train on. We'll contact you beforehand to create an agenda before the session begins. This will allow us to tailor your training to cover the areas you'd like to cover.

Email us to get a quote at