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Core Tools Support™ (CTS) Software is now available in Spanish!

Did you know that up to 90% of all FMEA and Control Plan spreadsheets have errors in them? These mistakes not only cost time and money but can damage the reputation of companies using them with their customers.

That’s why AIAG, in partnership with FCA, Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and the rest of the AIAG Board of Directors developed the Core Tools Support™ (CTS) software – a cloud-based solution for authoring and managing FMEA, Control Plan and PPAP documents.

How is CTS better than spreadsheets?

  • Common/similar parts can be created and shared from a common database
  • Standard FMEA and control plan templates are preloaded and selected by dropdown menu
  • Built in reports for parts, projects and gage studies
  • Linkages between forms with the capability to see all the Process Flow, PFMEA and Control Plans data in a single relational database, providing visibility not possible on standalone forms
  • Concurrent licensing: one license covers multiple users
  • Updated versions of AIAG forms are available upon release
  • Improved revision control: ability to identify who added/changed/deleted what
  • Version control assurance: All users globally update the same file – no more questioning if you have the latest/correct file
  • Secure - Built on the Microsoft Azure platform with over $1 billion invested in security

Best of all? The software virtually pays for itself. A single concurrent license costs less than $1/day, which, along with productivity gains, means that most companies break even in just a few months.

Additional CTS Advantages over spreadsheets include:

  • Accommodates both the AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook and AIAG 4th Edition FMEA methodologies and forms
  • MSA/Gage R&R is intuitive and provides a concise, easily understood report – handling both variable and attribute gages
  • Part PPAP history is maintained electronically
    • All supporting documents created outside CTS – prints, engineering specs, packaging specs, etc. – can be uploaded into the project
  • Basic program management features included

For even more advantages, see our FAQs.

By taking care of the tedious, repetitive tasks associated with spreadsheets, and making it easier and quicker to search and find information, the software allows you to spend less time on administrative work – and more time on the work you were hired to do.

Start Here: Sign up for our free 30 day trial and see for yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose – and time, money, and efficiency to gain.

For a closer look at the software itself, check out our demo, and watch AIAG Program Manager John Cachat demonstrate functionalities and screen views in the new AIAG Core Tools Support™ (CTS) software!

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Member: $360 annually per concurrent user
Non-Member: $360 annually per concurrent user
Additional Storage: $120 annually per 50GB
Language: English, Spanish

Price chart reflects the cost for one year of access to the CTS software (from date of purchase) for a single user license. Additional user licenses purchased will reflect the same cost structure – $360 annually, per license. User licenses are based on concurrent users.

Each company account includes 50GB of shared storage space as part of the annual subscription. Additional account storage space is available for purchase (for an annual fee) in 50GB increments.

CTS software and recommended e-documents must be purchased separately from other items in cart. Please return to the AIAG Store to complete any additional purchases.

The software is currently available in English and Spanish. Additional languages will be added in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive two separate confirmation emails shortly after completing your purchase – one from AIAG, and one from the software itself – detailing next steps.

Concurrent user licenses are based on the number of users simultaneously accessing the software. For example, a single concurrent user license means that only one individual can be logged into the software at any given time -- however, when that person logs out, another team member can log in with the same license. As such, this license structure allows teams to effectively share one or more licenses, providing more flexibility and value than traditional "named user" licenses or individual seats. 

The person in your company who purchases the first concurrent user license will automatically be the “License Holder” for all sales and billing purposes. Once that individual logs into the software, he or she will be able to add new users, admins, and locations.

AIAG's CTS software is a 100% online application, compatible with supported browsers running on PC and Mac operating systems.

Browser options for Windows and Mac: Chrome (recommended), Microsoft Edge (recommended), Firefox, Safari, 360 Safe (China), QQ Browser (China), Sogou (China)

In recognition of the global automotive supply chain’s needs, the software will ultimately be available in several languages. Currently, the software is available in English and Spanish.

Yes! Please click the "Request a Demo!" button at the top of the webpage to schedule a live demo. You can also scroll to the top of the FAQ section to view a more general demo recording, check out our latest update webinar, or watch various CTS feature videos on our video page to get a better feel for the software. 

Yes! We offer a free, 30 day trial to try the software, which includes access for one user for 30 days and 1 GB of storage space. You can input some of your own projects to experience authoring and managing FMEA, Control Plan and PPAP documents, and if you choose to buy after the trial, the data you input will be rolled over into your paid account. It will also be saved for 90 days if you don’t buy right away. Click here get your free trial today!

Yes! Fill out the form to receive CTS news and updates.

Yes, technical support is included. Our team is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (GMT-4).

We accept payment via credit card, PayPal, wire transfer and ACH electronic funds-transfer system. 

No. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for the CTS software. See the terms of service agreement for more details.

Yes, the CTS software includes the DFMEA and PFMEA forms for both the AIAG FMEA 4th Edition and AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook. Specifically, PFMEA Forms C, E and G – the last of which is the FCA customer specific form – are available in CTS.

  • A responsive main menu showing your tasks, priorities, meetings, calendar and more.
  • PPAP documentation tracking and project planning tools, including meeting and assignment trackers.
  • Linkages between forms with a NEW capability to see all the Process Flow, PFMEA and Control Plans data in a single relational database, providing visibility not possible on standalone forms.
  • Task management options, including a "My To Do List," with flexibility in creating task templates for reusable project task lists.
  • Flexibility in designing Process Flow, PFMEA and Control Plans forms, including the ability to change column headings and add new columns, with multiple reusable templates.
  • Reporting across parts and projects.
  • Quick Print icons on almost every screen for easy reporting.
  • The ability to search across all data sets for quick and relevant results.
  • Updates with the most current forms (including the new AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook forms, when available).
  • Attachment capabilities: the option to upload supporting PPAP documentation (such as gage studies, part files, inspection records, images and more).
  • Ability to manage multiple locations (if needed) with access control by location.
  • Importing capability for key files and lookup tables.
  • And much more!

The CTS software is a standalone software application that does not currently include the following:

  • The ability to import old Process Flow, PFMEA or Control Plans into the software.
  • Integration with other software applications.
  • Advanced user role-based security models (read, write, edit, delete, etc.).
  • Advanced workflow engine.
  • APIs – Application Program Interfaces.

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If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please contact us. Our team is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. US Eastern Time (GMT-4).

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Technical Support: + 1 (226) 777-0144 / +1 (888) 508-5335

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Sales and billing related questions: ctsinquiry@aiag.org
Technical Support: support@aiagcts.org

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