Active Projects

The AIAG Supply Chain Management initiatives provide guidelines, training and educational opportunities to understand and effectively reduce the complexities and dramatically improve automotive supply chain management overall.

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Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) Oversight Committee

This committee is comprised of seasoned supply chain logistics professionals and leaders from automotive OEMs, vehicle transportation service providers (Ocean, Rail and Haul-Away), Marine Terminal managers, railroads, port authorities and port processors. The objective is to raise awareness of industry issues, and FVL initiatives, objectives, and successes.

3rd Party Information (Cybersecurity) Workgroup

Automotive OEMs, including General Motors, Ford, FCA and Honda, collaborating together to develop an integrated set of industry information security requirements.

Export Compliance Advisory Group

This group fosters the development of resources to assist industry in complying with export compliance laws and regulations. Networking and benchmarking activities among the participating OEMs and suppliers enable discussions on a range of complex export regulations affecting the automotive industry.

Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines (MMOG/LE) Workgroup

This group jointly manages the global standard, developed by AIAG and Odette, that assesses an organization’s materials management capabilities by implementing tools to assist with the implementation activities for MMOG/LE. The OEMs, suppliers and service providers actively engaged in this group are working to develop the new version 5 criteria which will launch soon.

CTPAT/Supply Chain Security Workgroup

This workgroup collaborates together to comply with CTPAT requirements. It is critical within the Industry, and its supply chain partners, to meet the Minimum-Security Requirements as defined by CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection). AIAG developed a common system of questionnaires to be used by automotive importers and their suppliers to comply with these CTPAT requirements. These supply chain security assessments and questionnaires, are tailored for each type of supply chain partner including highway, rail, ocean carriers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, 3PLs, etc.

NAFTA 2.0 Adhoc Group

AIAG’s NAFTA 2.0 ad hoc group has recently formed to focus on enabling industry collaboration to identify synergies in the standardization of roles, responsibilities, and clear understanding of the new automotive rules applicable to the recently drafted USMCA Free Trade Agreement.

Asset Tracking (Returnable Container Management Forum) Ad hoc group

The Asset Tracking ad hoc group has recently convened to explore and discuss new and recently upgraded technologies in the returnable container asset tracking space. The group consists of both OEM and tier-level suppliers examining new technologies that have advanced in usage, scalability, and effectiveness, while seeing a general decrease in both up-front investment requirements and operating costs.

Damage Claims Workgroup

This group is comprised of OEM representatives and their transportation partners (rail, truck, port processors, terminal managers, inspection companies & ocean carriers), the Damage Claims group continues to refine the vehicle inspection process as it moves through the supply until it’s delivery to the dealer. The AIAG M-22 (Finished Vehicle Damage Claims Process/Standards) document is written and updated annually by the group and provides the ongoing changes to the accepted vehicle damage inspection and reporting processes.

FVL Rail-Haul Away Visibility

Haul-away carriers, OEM's, and railroads working together to improve supply chain visibility of finished vehicles as they move from the OEM production facility through to the destination rail yard. Visibility is currently lacking between the 3 stakeholders (OEM’s, Railroads and Haul-Away carriers), resulting in congestion at the rail yards and delay of delivery to the dealers. This group is focused on improving electronic visibility/reporting which will enable improved asset management and alleviate congestion.

Finished Vehicle Logistics Connected Vehicle

Comprised of OEM Management, the FVL Connected Vehicle Workgroup is focused on creating standards that facilitate open source visibility and will benefit both the OEM and their transportation supply base. This group is leading the way in determining the hand-offs requirements to/from OEM’s and their transportation providers as well as determining how the OEMs will interface with the connected vehicle.

North American Transportation Scorecard

Made up of OEM’s with specific responsibility for finished vehicle transportation in North America. The group is working to create one standard industry haul-away carrier rating system, based on specific KPI's that are of importance to all OEM's and available to both the OEM's & the carriers. The team will agree on the KPI's that will be used to create the rating system (Scorecard) and will then determine the 'vehicle' with which to make the document available to industry (publication, portal, etc).