Pallet & Carton Standards

North American automotive pallets do not fit global material handling systems. Companies growing their international and multi-continent trade business needed pallets, cartons, totes, etc. that fit supplier and customer facilities and equipment worldwide.

AIAG examined variations in existing pallet sizes to reduce transportation costs and benchmarked existing ISO, Odette and VDA standards. In addition, AIAG conducted a survey that revealed 1140 x 980 mm as the recommended standard.

The North American automotive industry now has a standard for maximized physical container cubes with multiple modes of transportation. The solution reduces complexity, improves delivered part quality and increases logistics efficiency.

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The AIAG Standard Packaging Data Form is designed to eliminate filling out the same data over and over on each unique form.

The Container Performance Test Guidelines, RC-9, provide a common test methodology by which containers can be compared on an objective one-to-one basis. The tests are intended to challenge the containers with forces that are related to the hazards present in their typical handling environments.

This white paper lists key problems (Identified in the industry Pallet and Lid Survey) and proposes solutions to reduce the loss of control and visibility of reusable plastic pallets and lids across the automotive industry.

This global guideline recommends the basic features of data carriers applied to returnable transport items for use within the Layer Two and Layer Three of the supply chain.

This guideline represents a recommended framework for the effective management of returnable containers to maximize utilization and minimize costs for all users.

These specifications define the overall dimensions, layout, sizes, materials and key features of the wheel shipping system. This wheel shipping system, referred to as the wheel pack, provides an alternative to the steel wheel rack.

Returnable Transport Items Visibility Best Practices provides a number of best practices businesses can employ to increase visibility when sending Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) back to their points of origin once the parts they contained have been used.

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